Great Big Love with a Capital L

Love is all there is.

Love is all that sustains.

Love is all that endures.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, of this world lasts. In this time-bound world, everything is susceptible to decay and death. But there is one thing that endures and is always here for us, and that is Love. This Love with a capital L is love far beyond the word that is tossed around with such careless abandon to express what we are drawn to in the material world. How often do we hear, “Oh, I just love that outfit/photo/car/—-!” This Love also goes beyond the expression of emotional attachment between two individuals when they fall in “love.” It even goes beyond the love of a parent for a child. In the human experience, love is often limited, conditional, and finite. Love can be withdrawn. Love can even end in this physical existence. This is not great big Love with a capital L.

God’s Love is everything that love as defined by this ego-dominated world is not. God’s Love is abundant, unconditional, and eternal. It is always available to us. It does not clamour for our attention or make empty promises. It just is. In fact, it is who we are as God’s sons and daughters. God is Love, and because we are created by God, so are we. Within each of us, beneath the facade of our ego-driven lives, is a sacred, holy space in which we can connect directly with who we are as God’s children. In this inner space, we can experience God’s Love, and as we open ourselves to experiencing who we truly are as Spirit, we become expressions of that great, big Love with a capital L.

This Love infuses all aspects of our lives, and we begin to live from a place of Love and the recognition of our spiritual brothers and sisters within everyone we encounter. We are all connected because we are spiritual beings, and as spiritual beings, we are expressions of God’s Love. The problem is that we have forgotten who we are. We have been so busy trying find a way to survive and thrive in a world gone crazy in its pursuit of power, wealth, and security, that we have lost sight of who we truly are at our core.

We are not our bodies. They are aging before our eyes, in spite of any denial or attempts to delay or mask the process. We are spiritual beings inhabiting bodies during this physical life. We are not defined by our bodies. Close your eyes and feel the spiritual energy pulsating within the confines of your body. This is who you are. You are Spirit created as an extension of God’s Love. As God’s creation, you and I are Love, and Love is within and part of us, waiting for us to remember.

Love, alone, endures because it is of God. This Love doesn’t try to overpower you, control you, or try to win your attention and affections. It is. God’s Love waits for you. Everything else in our lives can, and will, fall away. Love alone remains. Great big Love with a capital L waits for you to remember and return to who you really are.

2 thoughts on “Great Big Love with a Capital L”

  1. Thank you for sharing again Linda. I feel the same as you. My journey has seemed long and sometimes painful but Gods Love has always been with me, acknowledged or not. It is so pleasing to know in this material, chaotic world that others travel with the awareness of this love. You bless me and others with your writings. To me God uses your words that I may find comfort and be at peace. Many Blessings my friend.

    1. Many blessings to you, Hart. I am humbled by your words. The words that I write come through me, and it has been my prayer that what I have learned and the awareness that I have gained can help others. Your words affirm my intentions and prayers for creating this blog. Thank you.

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