We Experience What We Project

When we feel insecure, we project our insecurities onto the people we interact with. Then we perceive what we expect, which is validation of our insecurities. When we feel unloved or unworthy, that is what we project out into the world. We yearn to be validated and built up, but guess what we experience? We experience rejection, and we feel put-down  and unappreciated. We experience what we expect.

I grappled with the statement, “We create our own reality,” for a long time. There was so much heartbreak and emotional pain in my life. Who, in their right mind, would create that experience? The problem was that I wasn’t aware of what I was projecting out into the world. As I struggled with lack of self-worth, I created proof of that through my experiences. I perceived judgment and rejection from others. I perceived that I was less than others. I perceived what wasn’t actually there. Everywhere I looked, I perceived my own expectations reflected back at me, and every time I perceived myself as less than others, I reinforced my own lack of self-worth. People weren’t actually judging me or putting me down. There was no intention on their part to make me feel bad about myself. They were focused on living their own lives. I yearned for validation from others, but because I didn’t give it to myself, I projected that lack into the world and got to experience exactly what I sent out there.

If we don’t feel good about ourselves, we broadcast that. It’s like we’re a perpetual signal-emitting device. The signals we emit reflect our inner state. When we feel insecure, we view everything we experience through that lens of insecurity. A passing look from someone becomes interpreted as a judgment. Co-workers sitting, talking, and laughing together becomes interpreted as exclusion. Finding out that friends or colleagues are organizing a social outing amongst themselves becomes interpreted as a rejection. Innocent events that have nothing to do with us become personal and are experienced as further validation of our low self-worth. We experience what we expect.

The way to change this is to consciously create what we want to experience. When we embrace the beauty of our inner spirits and the Love that we are, we become expressions of that inner beauty and Love. When that is what we project, that is what we experience. We do, indeed, create our own experiences.

I can personally vouch for how to create more positive experiences in your life. Since I have focused on my own inner journey and have truly experienced who I am as a spiritual being created as an expression of God’s Love, that is the signal that I emit into the world. As I come from an inner space of Love and gentle knowing of my own truth, I experience love and beauty in my life. Of course, I still stumble and fall and sometimes cause myself to experience life through old lenses, but I know that I am on my way to more awareness of what I create in my life.

If you want to experience a life of happiness, love, beauty, and peace, you need to come from an inner place that emits these qualities. The good news is that these are God’s gifts to us. Within each of us, we are Love, we are Divine Spirit. We need to open to who we truly are and live from this inner space. Then, we project everything that we want to experience — love, joy, peace — and that is what we perceive as our reality.

We do, indeed, experience what we project. What are you projecting into the world? Look at what you are experiencing, and you have your answer.

Hello :) Please share your comments and related experiences. I look forward to learning and growing with you!

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