We Are Not Our Bodies

When we look at one another as bodies, we create separation. It seems fairly obvious, doesn’t it? I look different from  you, and you look different from the next person. We all look different. Therefore, we must be different, right? Wrong. This is where humanity stalls and sets up walls that create division between people.

Seeing one another as different is a choice that we make. I didn’t realize that I had a choice for a good part of my life. I had been conditioned to see myself as an individual in a world of billions of other individuals. I learned at an early age that it would take hard work, effort, and perseverance to achieve success in this world. Achieving success would mean attaining what I wanted through competition. I had to work harder and be better than the others who wanted the positions that I sought. Reaching my goals would mean that others didn’t reach theirs. My gain would be their loss, and that was just the way of the world. When I achieved the position or the goal that I wanted, then I needed the outward manifestations of success. That would mean getting possessions that others didn’t have so that I could proclaim my success to the world. It was all about showing that I was different… and more worthy… than others.

Seeing each other as different not only creates competition; it creates judgment. I look at you and perceive your differences. Immediately, my ego kicks into gear and measures my worth against yours. Because I see you as different, I begin an interior dialogue about how I measure up to you, most of which just plays unconsciously in the background of my thoughts. Inevitably, my ego forms a judgement. I may feel threatened by you. I may feel superior to you in some way. And sometimes, I experience a sense of equality… a feeling that we come up equal in the comparison department. But always, there is a judgement… a measuring of me against you… all because I perceive you as different.

Consider the other choice that each of us can make. We are not different at all. Each of us is a spiritual being experiencing life on this physical plane. In order to do this, we must inhabit a body. Each of these bodies may look different on the outside, but on the inside… where we matter… where we are truly who we are… we are spiritual beings created by Divine energy. When we remember who we really are as expressions of God’s eternal Love, we begin to see our Sameness. At the core of who we are, we are God’s children. Because God is Love, so are we. Because God’s creations are extensions of that Love, we are all the same… expressions of Divine Source, the Universe, God… whatever name you want to give your Higher Power.

I can attest to the fact that when I choose how I wish to see people, I see exactly what I am looking for in others and in the world. When I choose to see people as different from me, I will perceive the differences and my ego will perpetuate continual judgement and separation. When I choose to see others as spiritual expressions of God, I perceive and experience the Loving energy that is within them. I get exactly what I am looking for.

If I choose to see the world as a dark and evil place that is out to get me, that is what I will experience. I will live in fear. If I choose to see people and the world as beautiful expressions of God’s Love, that is what I experience. When I am connected to the eternal Love that is within me, and who I am, I experience expressions of that Love in my life.

It’s really very simple. It is a choice that each of us can make in every moment of every day. If you are like me, you didn’t realize you had a choice. I am here to tell you that you do have a choice and the choice is totally up to you. When you change your mind about what you want to see, what you see and experience changes. You will find exactly what you look for in others and in the world.

I choose Love. I choose to look for who you are at the soul level. At that level, we are all spiritual beings who are connected to, and expressions of, Divine Love. We are all God’s children… brothers and sisters in spirit… all connected through our Life Source, which is God, which is Love, which unites us all.

We are not our bodies. Our bodies are vehicles for our soul journey on this planet. Our bodies change with the years. In time, they will fail and die. We are not these bodies. We are beings of spiritual energy, and that energy cannot be destroyed. It is eternal and everlasting, just as the Source from which it came. You and I are Spirit. Let us recognize our true identities and celebrate that recognition in one another.


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