Where Do You Find Your Worth?

Are you searching for that special someone who will complete you? Do you look out at the world and believe that a partner will make you feel a sense of belonging? Do you think that being in a relationship will make you feel worthy? Your worth is not in a relationship. Your worth is in YOU. You are intrinsically worthy because you are a child of God.

Are you striving for a certain position or the promotion that will validate your worth? Do you imagine the day when you will have a title that will proclaim your worth to the world? Or, are you frustrated and unhappy in the work that you do because you believe your worth is not recognized? Your worth is not in the work you do nor the positions you hold. Your worth is in YOU. You are intrinsically worthy because, at your essence, you are a Divine expression of God.

Do you long for your dream house, your dream vehicle, your dream holiday, your dream everything? Do you compare your worth to that of others based on possessions and ownership? Have you bought into society’s message that more is better and that you need the next greatest thing? Your worth is not in things. It never was, and it never will be. Your worth is within you, because at your core, you are a spiritual being created by God.

Really stop and hold that truth in your mind; think about who you really are. You are God’s own child. You are an expression of God, created as an extension of Divine Love. Get still, close your eyes, and go within. Breathe deeply and feel the vibration of your spiritual energy. Allow yourself to go deeper and feel the stillness and the Love that is waiting for you. We don’t need to look outside of ourselves to feel love or to feel worthy. God waits for us to remember who we really are… not the physical expressions that we see when we look in the mirror, but His magnificent children, who are loved always and eternally.

When we remember and connect with God, we know that we are intrinsically worthy. God is within you; God is within me; God is within each of us. When you remember that, when you allow yourself to truly feel and know the truth of that, life changes. You no longer have to prove yourself to anyone. You don’t have to compare yourself against anyone else or strive to find your worth in external things. You don’t have to compromise yourself to find acceptance in the world. You stand strong and at peace within yourself, certain that you are eternally loved and worthy as God’s own Son or Daughter.

Our challenge then becomes to recognize that truth in others. In fact, that becomes our purpose… to see God in each and every person… beneath the layers of ego…. and you know what? We find what we look for.






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