Hatred Will Never Bring Peace

We hate, and often, we don’t even question or understand why. Hatred is passed down from generation to generation. The facts that fueled the hatred are unquestionable. Yes, atrocities have been committed. Yes, people have misused power over other groups. Yes, lives have been lost, people have suffered, and hearts still cry out in pain because of loss and injustice. But, we will never achieve peace through hate. Peace will only be achieved through love.

We must leave the past in the past and start anew with a conscious choice to join hands in love and brotherhood. Holding onto the past only perpetuates separation and division. We pass our hatreds and prejudices to our children, and these negative forces continue to motivate attack and conflict throughout the world. We cannot focus on the wrongs of the past in order to move forward as a global community. The only way forward is through forgiveness. We must forgive the past and begin with a clean slate as brothers and sisters within our global family.

All over the world, people continue to perpetuate hatred and to attack one another. The reasons vary from retribution to prevention, but the result is always violence and death. Violence will never achieve peace. All it creates is more hostility and hatred. One atrocity causes another, and the cycle of violence continues.

We must join hands and cry together for the suffering we have caused one another. We must release the pain of the past, and we must recognize that we are all one — all spiritual beings experiencing this physical existence — and acting on differences created and projected by our egos. We think these differences exist, and because we believe they are real, we act on them. As we perceive and judge the differences we project onto others, we see ourselves as separate and susceptible to attack. If we can judge others, they can do the same to us… and so we find reason to protect ourselves based on differences we believe to be real.

We must realize and recognize the truth in our sameness. At the core of our beings, we are all spiritual energy created by God’s Love. We are eternal expressions of God. We are Love, and yet we deny this truth and allow our egos to run the inner tapes of criticism, judgement, separation, and fear.

We ARE Love; we must decide to BE Love. It is the only way to be the family that we all are in Spirit. As long as we live by the dictates, perceptions, and projections of our egos, violence and conflict will continue. We will keep thinking that we are individuals, alone and separate, in a vast sea of other separate individuals. We will believe that we need to defend ourselves against possible attack. We will believe that we can be attacked and destroyed. We will take measures to keep ourselves safe from attack. We will continue to live the dream created in fear by our egos — the dream of hatred and death.

Peace comes down to a choice each of us must make — a choice to recognize and remember who we truly are as eternal spirits united by God’s Love as our common core… a choice to recognize the destructive power of our egos which only seek to divide and destroy…. and to choose spirit over ego in each moment. When we remember who we are as spirit, we choose love over fear, and as we choose love, we experience and create peace.


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