My Prayer for Beginning a New School Year

As I contemplate the beginning of a new school year, I am filled with excitement about the community of learning and growing and caring that I will build with my students. I am also filled with acute awareness of the powerful influence we will have on one another. And so I pray from the deepest part of me:

Dear God,

I pray that each day… each hour… each moment… I am open to, and guided by, Your Love so that I may recognize and nurture the beautiful light that shines within each of my students. Help me to see who they truly are beneath any exterior defences they have erected, and guide me to help each of them see and embrace their own truth.

I pray that every moment my students spend with me in our classroom is about learning and growing and moving ever closer to the people they are meant to become. I pray that my focus is always the unique and brilliant young people who are entrusted to my care and that each decision that I make in terms of their learning is guided by love, recognition of, and true caring about what each of them needs. Let my belief in the potential and inner beauty of each individual shine as a beacon so they can believe in and embrace their own power to become all they want to be. Let me expand their vision of the future to include not only what they want to do, but to decide in each moment the kind of people they want to be and the kind of future they want to create. 

 Dear God, let Love be my guide. Help me to open to and heed Your Guidance, which is always here for me. Let me embody the choice of love over fear in each moment of the day, and help me to help my students “let their lights shine.”  







Hello :) Please share your comments and related experiences. I look forward to learning and growing with you!

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