The Love That We Are

As I finished my meditation this morning, this prayer arose from within me: Let me live as an expression of the love that I am. The beauty and truth of these words resonate within me and express the essence of who I am… and who you are. Let us all live as expressions of the love that we are.

Imagine the world we would create. We know that we are powerful creators because we create and experience that which we think and believe. We create with the quality of the energy we emit. Our lives are a testament to our creative power. The problem for most of us is that we have been creating unconsciously. I, for one, lived a good part of my life with no awareness or understanding that I was creating and drawing to me the painful experiences that I was having. That may have been the story of my past, but it is not the story of my present, nor does it have to be your story.

When we embrace the true essence of who we are as children of God — as expressions of God’s all-encompassing, unconditional Love — our lives also become expressions of that amazing Love. We create with energy of the highest vibration and attract experiences of like frequency into our lives. That which we give, we receive. Now imagine the incredible power of God’s Love that we can bring into this world if we all live as expressions of that Love. It is who we are. If we are living authentically and we are in touch with the deepest part of us that is untouched by the insanity of the world around us, we know the inner peace and quiet that is there. We know the Love that envelopes us when we go within.

We know that Love is always there for us, waiting for us to return again and again. Let us live from that inner space of Love, and as we do, let us become conduits for God’s Love into the world. Imagine the power that we have to increase the heavy frequencies of fear and hatred that seem to dominate in the world. Visualize the light we can bring to global darkness. Imagine the beautiful white energy of Love rising and moving outward from each one of us to meet and merge and build in strength. Envision the world of true love, kindness, and compassion that we can create.

We already live on a planet that is beautiful beyond words. We can create heaven right here on earth because heaven is where God is and when we embrace who we are as His Holy creations, heaven will be here within us and between us.

Hello :) Please share your comments and related experiences. I look forward to learning and growing with you!

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