The Quest for Beauty

How do you define beauty when it comes to people? The entertainment and advertising industries invest heavily in convincing us that beauty comes in packages that we can buy. If we buy into their obvious and not-so-obvious hidden messages, we believe that beauty comes packaged in the right diet, the right workout routine, the right make-up or hair colour, the right clothes, the right product. Consider the money, time, and energy that people commit to trying to create or to keep up with the “right” or the latest look — the look that is determined by companies and industries whose focus is solely one of profit, and not your self-worth.

True beauty doesn’t come in a package with a bar code or a price tag. It can’t be found in a membership or an external “look.” It can’t be painted on, coloured, draped, coordinated, or regimented. Real beauty shines from within. It can be found in the light that shines in your eyes and the warmth of your smile. Others sense it in the positive energy that you emanate. True beauty manifests on the outside of you, but it radiates from your inner essence or spirit.

Beauty is yours when you embrace your true identity as a child of God. God, our Creator, our Source, is within us all. As spiritual beings created in absolute Love, how can we not be beautiful? As you open into what that means and you experience “God within,” true beauty lights you up from the inside out. It’s more than a “look”; beauty is a state of being that radiates from your soul. When you  know who you really  are, you find your eternal spring of true joy. You recognize God in all creation, and as you experience your spiritual connection with all living things, your heart cannot help but sing and your body cannot help but want to dance. All heaviness falls away, and the Light within opens you up and reveals itself to everyone around you.

When your light begins to shine, you blossom into true beauty. This beauty might not be seen in airbrushed, Photoshopped advertisements or the next best fashion sales campaign, but you will know it when you see it. It will lift you. You will feel it, and you won’t forget the lasting impression it makes.

Look at yourself in the mirror and see the true beauty that is there within you. Look deeply within your eyes and recognize the amazing truth of who you are. You are beautiful, in the true meaning of the word, and your beauty is found in your inner light. Let your light shine, and allow your beauty to be expressed and experienced.

Hello :) Please share your comments and related experiences. I look forward to learning and growing with you!

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