The Gift Inherent in Allowing

In the past, I always tended to be a control freak when it came to my life. I wanted to make sure that I had everything planned out to the nth degree, and just in case I had missed something, I’m sure I amused God with my passionate, heartfelt promises never to ask for anything again, if only this one thing could happen in my life. I thought that if I could get everything lined up… and I could convince God to side with me just this once… I would make things happen my way.

Are you shaking your head at me? Are you chuckling at my naivete? As I look back on my life, I chuckle at me and realize that my report card for the subject of “Arranging My Life” would indicate a need for remedial help. As a teacher, I might even suggest that, as a student, I am in need of intensive intervention!

I received that intervention because I realized how I have been getting in my own way. How can Life unfold for me when I am so determined to arrange everything for myself? How can I receive abundance when I think I have to have everything figured out? The answer is that I can’t because I interfere with the natural laws of the Universe.

I have often wondered why bad things happen to good people. Of course, I considered myself one of the good people who experienced bad things. I didn’t understand that I needed to get out of my own way. I believed that I had the answers and that I had everything figured out… and of course, I didn’t have anything figured out.

What I have realized is that I need to live fully in each and every moment. I need to live from my heart as the loving spirit that I am. I need to give my best to everyone and all that I do… and I need to allow that which I give to be returned to me.

Since I have relaxed and started allowing, do you know what I have experienced? As I have settled into complete acceptance of living Life from the fullness of my heart and spirit in each moment… and quit trying to foresee and organize everything that is going to happen… good things ARE coming into my life. As I allow goodness to flow into my life, I open even more to acceptance of what is and the allowing of what is to come. The more I relax my natural tendency to want to control the events of my life, the more goodness I allow to flow into my life.

The news I received today affirmed the lesson that I am learning. A year ago, I received news that I would have a completely different teaching load in this current academic year and that I would be involved in developing a new initiative for our school. My first reaction was to feel fear about the change and the work that this change would involve. I felt that decisions had been made without consultation with me, and I was upset about this seemingly “top-down” decision that would affect me so profoundly. I decided to embrace the change with everything in me and to allow everything to fall into place without overthinking it. The result? I received news today that my role will continue to evolve in ways that will allow me to make the difference that I so yearn to make for students. My evolving role will challenge me to continue learning and growing, which thrills and excites me. If I had had my way, I wouldn’t changed my teaching role. I would have continued with the status quo. Because I convinced myself to allow my life to unfold, only positive changes have resulted.

And do you know the most amazing thing that I have realized? I have known deep within me that everything would work for my highest good from the moment I accepted the change that happened in my life. As the year progressed, I relaxed into my new role and embraced the learning and growth it evoked. And today brought confirmation of that trust and acceptance. As I allow, my life unfolds for my highest good.

It has taken me a very long time to realize that I am my own worst enemy. As I quit trying to have everything figured out and I learn to relax into the flow of Life, I know from the core of my being that I can trust in the goodness and absolute fairness of the Universe. That which I give, I will receive. I just need to allow it.

I have discovered the gift that lies within allowing Life to unfold. I have learned to focus on the here and now and to give my all to this moment. In foregoing my need to control and arrange, I have opened myself to receiving goodness in my life. All I needed to do was to relax and allow. How simple this realization seems now! How difficult it has been for me to learn.

I pray that you will discover the gift inherent in allowing goodness to flow into your life. May you step out of your own way, live fully in the moment from the place of Love within you,  and allow the laws of the Universe to work in your favour. Namaste.

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