Spring or Winter — Renewal or Death — Love or Fear?

Happy Spring to everyone who lives in the Northern Hemisphere, and especially to anyone who is emerging from the long months of winter to the promise of spring! The warmth of the sun’s rays and the lengthening daylight hours ignite a palpable yearning for the first sightings of new growth and GREEN. We long to throw off the darkness and cold of winter when we retreat from the starkness and seeming death of our environment. At the beginning of winter, I always welcome the cozy “burrowing in” that happens as we retreat to the warmth and light of our homes. It feels good to nestle in, but after several months, that feeling becomes a soul-deep yearning for the life-affirming changes that spring brings.

Yesterday, as I enjoyed the intoxicating freshness of the spring winds and the pungent smells of the earth yielding its frozen bonds to the liberating caresses of the sun, I was struck by the symbolism of this release for my own life. I saw, with great clarity, how the long, cold darkness of winter paralleled my own inner darkness when I was bound by fear and inner pain. During that time, I was certainly frozen — imprisoned by chains of my own creation and incapable of any growth. I felt as desolate and colourless as the barren landscape that is covered by, and emerges from, the layers of snow.

I also recognized the symbolism of the renewal and excitement of the coming of spring to my own emergence into the light and warmth and joy of realizing and embracing who I am as a spiritual being created as an extension of God’s eternal Love. In a very real sense, I felt dead inside when I was gripped by emotional pain, lack of self-worth, and incapacitating feelings of failure. I was as incapable of growth as the barren landscapes of winter. But, with the light and healing power of Love, I found my way into the sunshine and warmth of my own inner springtime. As I released the bonds of fear and the feelings of being alone, separate, and attacked, I stepped into the beautiful promise of growing and opening into the glory of who I really am.

And then, I realized that the winter-spring analogy also typifies the dichotomy of love and fear. In each and every moment, we have the choice to choose between love and fear. Every single thing that we say and do comes from love or fear. When we choose to come from an inner space of love, our words and actions are coloured very differently than when we come from an inner space of fear. When we choose love, we extend from our hearts, and our words and actions create positive experiences and the freedom of growth and expansion. When we choose fear, we react and attack, and we become trapped in the chains of anger, hate, and despair. Love creates the beauty and promise of growth. Fear locks us into a self-imposed paralysis in which we feel that we are at the mercy of the world. Fear makes us believe that we are victims, at the mercy of external conditions beyond our control, just as we often feel bound by the frozen chains of winter and at the mercy of its bitter bite.

My prayer for you today is that you realize your own power to choose to come from a place of love or fear and that you commit to choosing love in each and every moment of your life. As you open into the energy of Love that you are, I pray that you will embrace the promise and beauty of your new inner growth, just as we welcome the new growth that spring brings to our dormant environment. I pray that you will always choose the spring-like renewal and life-affirming promise of love over the winter-like mask of death and isolation created by fear. I pray that you will always experience your own inner spring. Namaste.

Hello :) Please share your comments and related experiences. I look forward to learning and growing with you!

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