Getting Out of Our Own Way

Do you try to figure out everything about your life in your head? Do you think you have to control everything that happens in your life? Do you believe that it is up to you to make things happen? Well, I am here to advise you to get out of your head… and out of your own way.

I look back at the past few years of my life and see so clearly how it began to flow in unimaginable ways once I got out of my own way and allowed that flow. First of all, life intervened with my plans to live happily ever after in my new relationship. My partner’s addiction and refusal to admit that he had a problem were the catalysts that got me out and getting on with my life. There were other signs from within me that I was going the wrong way, and once I got out of my head and started heeding that inner guidance, I knew that I needed to retreat from a choice that was not right for me. My ego protested this seeming failure and the need to restart my life, but it was exactly the turn I needed to make to correct my willful choice to keep trying to make the wrong direction right for me.

Once I was out and working in a permanent teaching contract again, I thought I had everything figured out and that I would continue doing what I was doing for the remainder of my career. Wrong. What I thought I had figured out wasn’t what happened at all. Just as I felt comfortable where I was, I was moved to a different position with new challenges. Even as the positive elements of this change were pointed out to me, I reacted from the perspective of having my feet pulled out from under me… yet again. I cried and anguished about yet another change in my life.

I chuckle now as I remember my emotional response. The change in my teaching position proved to be a gift — an amazing change that challenged me in new and stimulating ways, and that started me on an incredible journey that continues to unfold and open into evermore opportunities to grow and to make a difference. If I had had my way, I would have rested easy in a position that I had mastered. Instead, I was provided with an opportunity to grow and to begin to address the needs of students in innovative ways. I was given an opportunity to create real change… and I didn’t see it coming or plan for it.

As I relaxed into the flow of events during the last year, more developments unfolded… and they were all magnificently orchestrated to be far more than I ever could have imagined. For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I have no idea where all of these changes are taking me, but I am relaxing into the journey, releasing my need to know everything, and finding myself constantly amazed at the perfection of the flow.


I think of my writing journey and realize that the same perfection is occurring here. I felt the first inner call to share my experiences through writing years ago. I allowed life to intervene repeatedly and began a pattern of starting and stopping many times over the years. When I finally yielded to the insistence of that inner call and released my need to control what my writing would lead to and how people would respond, I launched this blog. Since I started writing regular posts, I have been amazed repeatedly at the way in which insights and new understandings just flow through me when I release my need to have everything figured out and open to that flow.

As I have opened into this magnificent inner journey, I have stopped worrying about what people think and how people might respond. My writing finds its home with those who are ready for the messages. Those who aren’t ready don’t bother; they just aren’t drawn to it or interested, and that is okay.

I realize now that I don’t have anything figured out, and I am so thankful that I finally realize this because it means that I am getting out of my own way. As I open into my inner journey and to all that calls to me from within, Life flows and unfolds in exquisitely perfect ways… ways that I could never have orchestrated on my own.

My spiritual sisters and brothers, I pray that you can get out of your heads and open into what you are drawn to. Pay attention to what calls to you and to the messages that come up from within you. There is guidance there for you from your soul. Honour and open into your inner calling for therein lies your joy. As you release and open into what calls you, your journey will become one of perfection beyond anything you could possibly create on your own. It doesn’t matter what it will become. Of course, our egoic minds want to know the end result, the destination, but it is your journey where you need to focus. Trying to figure out the end result will cause you to miss the perfection that is waiting to unfold for you. Namaste my dears 🙂

Hello :) Please share your comments and related experiences. I look forward to learning and growing with you!

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