Do I Choose Engagement or Observation?

I always thought that I wanted to engage fully in life and to experience each moment to the fullest. I always believed that it was better to be fully engaged in every experience that life brought me than to be an observer of life. I thought engagement equaled active living and observation equaled passive living, and in my mind, active living was the only choice. I find myself questioning what I always thought and believed.

Part of the answer can be found in how we define life. Do we see life as the hustle and bustle of day-to-day activities on the physical timeline of birth to death? Do we see life as a mad scramble to prove ourselves in the eyes of the world through our attainments and acquisitions? If this is our version of life, we are looking through the lenses of ego, and we will be determined to give all of our energy toward proving our worth and protecting what is ours.

When we identify with ego, we will see everyone else as separate from us. We will perceive that everyone has their own stories and agendas because everyone has their own lives. In this view of life, it is inevitable that some people have better lives (and stories) than others and that we constantly compare ourselves against others to see how we measure up.

But… is this the version of life in which we want to engage fully? Is full engagement with egoic thinking and perception how we want to live our lives? Now that I know and embrace my spiritual identity as God’s Child, I am inclined to say no.

When ego wants to sweep us up into its distorted thinking, it is our decision to “engage” or to observe its attempts to mislead our thinking and to misrepresent us as separate from God and everyone else. When we engage with ego, we allow ourselves to be swept up in illusion, and we lose our footing in what is reality.

Reality is our spiritual identity — our spiritual experience within bodies in this physical dimension. To keep grounded in what is true, it is important that we become observers of life — observers of ego’s attempts to misguide us. We need to be observers of all ego’s stories that will sweep us away into illusion if we choose to engage. As we become more aware, it is clear that it is just as easy to get swept up into other people’s stories. Hence, our need to be observant.

Observing what comes and goes on the screen of our lives allows us to become conscious choice-makers. Do I leap in and engage with whatever flits across my screen in the interest of living “my” life to the fullest, or do I observe what appears and learn to recognize what is ego, and therefore false, and what is God, and therefore truth?

I choose to be an observer so that I can learn to be a conscious choice-maker. I am learning that this choice is anything but passive. It requires vigilant observation and awareness, but it is the only way to embrace my true identity and to be able to constantly choose between ego and God, or fear and love.

Dear spiritual brothers and sisters, I pray that you can begin to observe and discern what is demanding your attention and engagement. Is it the false promises of ego that will only lead to emptiness? Or, will you choose to see what has always been real and true — that we are God’s Children and we have always been connected to God, even when we tried life on our own terms? Engagement or observation? Make sure you know which lenses you are looking through — those of the ego, who would have us be little and separate, or those of God, Who would have us be glorious and connected. Namaste, my dears! :))

Hello :) Please share your comments and related experiences. I look forward to learning and growing with you!

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