Prayer of Thanksgiving


Dear God,

Thank you for loving me through it all — 

through all the times I thought I could do things my own way;

through all the wrong turns and stubborn choices that I made in spite of my inner guidance;

through my misguided determination to figure things out for myself.

Thank you for giving me strength and for holding me safely in Your Love —

when life brought me to my knees;

when I couldn’t see how I could go on;

when I felt lost and alone.

Thank you for allowing me this journey — 

on which I veered away from You,

and through which I am finding my way home to You.

Thank you for keeping the memory of You 

and of who I really am safe and unaffected 

by the misperceptions that distracted me for so long. 

Thank you for all the experiences that taught me

what I needed to remember to find my way back to You,

for all the teachers who provided the lessons I needed to learn,

and for the realizations that opened me to truth and knowing.

Thank you for never giving up on me,

and for helping me to finally realize and accept my intrinsic worth and beauty.

Thank you for the hope and truth that anchor and guide me

through this confusing and chaotic existence.

Thank you for giving me all that I sought right here within me — 

love that opens and fills me, love that lifts me on wings of light;

peace that stills my frantic searching and quiets my inner turbulence

so that I can receive the wise guidance of Holy Spirit

Who is always here for me. 

Thank you, dear God. Thank you.



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