We Can Choose to Feel Lonely, But We Are Never Alone

Perhaps you think I am playing with words or trying to be clever. I can assure you that I am not. I know what it is to feel lonely. I know how easy it is to believe that I am alone and that no one cares — that it is just me against the world. I know how quickly I can allow myself to have a full-out pity party of one. All this can happen in the blink of an eye when I buy into the story that my ego wants me to believe — that I am separate from everyone else and that I am on my own in this world.

This is where choice comes into how I feel in any given moment. I can choose to listen to this “poor me” story and believe in my isolation and separation from others, or I can choose to step back and remember what I know to be truth — and that is that I am never alone. Within me is my soul that is always connected to God and to the Divine energy that created all of us. At the soul level, we are all one so we can never truly be alone.

Have you ever felt love from someone who is physically distant from you? That feeling of love — that energy lift and expansion — is the result of our energetic connection. On the surface, we appear to be separate, but appearances are deceiving. We are all connected by the Divine energy that is who we truly are. You and I are connected. As I write this and you read my words, we are connected through the energy that we are and through the loving energy of giving and receiving that gives rise to what I write.

You may be tempted to feel lonely, but the truth is that we are never alone. We can’t be because we share one Source — and that is God (or whatever name you choose to give your sense of the Divine). We appear to be individuals, and when we allow the appearance to deceive us, we can feel lonely, but the truth is always our eternal connection and togetherness.

We experience this connection when we feel uplifted in the presence of another. Our energies combine to lift us higher. Our souls recognize what we have forgotten and what our egos try to cover up; our souls recognize that we are brothers and sisters in spirit. We are always connected. We are individual expressions of one Divine Source, and we are all spiritual family. We know and experience this when we open ourselves to our true identities.

There is another reason why you are never alone. Holy Spirit is with all of us all of the time — waiting to be asked for help and guidance. I can attest to the immediate support and unconditional love that I receive when I turn to Holy Spirit. As I learn to give every situation, every experience, and every relationship up to Holy Spirit, I am always guided and held in absolute Love. But it is always my choice to remember and to ask.

The love and guidance of Holy Spirit is always here for me; my connection to all of you is always here for me. It is only when I forget, when I allow myself to be distracted from what I know, that I struggle with feeling lonely and separate. It is in those moments that I need to practise awareness and to realize that I am buying into a story that is not true. When I am able to step back and observe what I am doing, I realize my misperception and open into the unconditional love and acceptance that is always there for me — within my soul where my connection to God and all of you waits for me to remember and return.

Dear spiritual sisters and brothers, I pray that whenever you feel lonely, you realize that you have a choice —  a choice to buy into a story of separation and isolation that our egos would have us believe or to remember who you truly are and to know that you are never, ever alone. Divine guidance and Love waits for us to remember who we are. When we do, we are welcomed with infinite Love and unconditional acceptance. Beneath the deceptive individual stories of our lives, we are all One. The choice to buy into a story or to remember who you are is up to you. Namaste, dear ones. :))

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