Honour the Gifts of Growth

Pause for a moment and look back — 

you are not who you were

when your inner journey began.

You have been stretched and moulded

in unexpected and wonderful ways — 

ways that you had no way of anticipating

before your journey began.

You have traveled through the fires of life,

and they have forged someone deeper and wider within,

someone who is more at peace

and in tune with inner guidance,

someone who has begun to take notice

of the gifts within each challenge and loss.

Pause for a moment and appreciate

all the pain-filled moments in which you felt ripped apart,

the hot tears of grief and anguish that you cried,

and the dark times during which you felt lost and alone.

They provided the impetus for your growth and expansion.

Pause for a moment and give thanks

for the people who frustrated you

and kept you tossing and turning at night,

for the people who caused you pain

when they turned on you or cast you aside.

and for the people who opened your heart

to the healing power of love.

They were your greatest teachers.

Pause for a moment and feel gratitude

for the winding and twisted path you have traveled,

for the obstacles that caused you to trip and fall,

the dead-ends that forced you to retreat,

and the pit-falls that trapped  you 

until you could find your way out.

They were the instruments of your reformation. 

Pause for a moment and honour your gifts of growth — 

the recognition of your own worth,

the quiet strength that was within you all along,

the ability to see through errors and to forgive,

the inner expansion into unconditional love and peace,

the remembering of who you are as a spiritual being and a Child of God,

and the bliss-filled opening into God within.

These are the gifts borne of your inner journey.

Appreciate them. Revel in them. They are yours. 

Hello :) Please share your comments and related experiences. I look forward to learning and growing with you!

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