Deflecting Our Truth

How often do we ignore our inner guidance because we believe that we know better? When do we create chaos in our lives to avoid what we intuitively know that we are being guided to do? How often do we deflect what we know to be truth that is guiding us from within and waiting for us to listen? Why can’t we trust that our inner guidance is for our highest good?

When I reflect on my life, I see that divine guidance was always here for me. I knew when I was being called to go a different way or to make a different choice. I knew when I was called to make changes in my life. And when I was determined not to pay heed and to do things my own way, I knew that the hand of the Divine was involved in the chaos that I created in my life. At those times, the events of my life didn’t unfold as I expected they would. Rather, my life seemed to implode and I was faced with getting out of my current circumstances and restarting my life. As I look back, I recognize that chaos was needed to redirect me toward the path that I was meant to follow. Quite simply, I had been insisting on going the wrong way, and I needed a course correction in my life.

How do I know what is inner guidance? I have come to know that still, quiet voice that calls to me from within. There are no words in the way that we hear them in our day-to-day conversations. Instead, it is a new inner knowing — a realization that resonates with truth and wisdom. Whenever I engage in written dialogue with my soul or with Holy Spirit, I encounter this wise guidance. Wisdom beyond what I could create with my egoic mind comes forth when I sit in stillness and humbly seek answers and guidance. When I reread what has come through in these written dialogues, I know, in the deepest sense of knowing, that this is divine wisdom. Before I trusted in the wisdom of my inner guidance, I had to receive stronger messages. I have known the haunting cry of inner guidance when I insisted on going the wrong way. I have felt silent, inner screams as I felt my soul beseeching me to quit being so headstrong and to notice the signals that were telling me to retreat. Lately, I am struck again and again by the messages that come through conversations with friends. As I listen to them, I receive hit after hit of inner knowing that their words or their experiences and realizations are reminders or messages for me. It seems that as I am ready to listen, divine guidance comes through in a variety of ways.

How do I know that this guidance is for my highest good? That answer is easy. When I ignored it, I created situations in which I experienced emotional pain and inner darkness. As I have learned to recognize and heed it, I have always been guided to move in ways that have helped me to grow personally and spiritually. As I am learning to release and open to my inner guidance, I am increasingly able to let go of the fetters of fear and the insecure clamouring of ego, and to accept the deep knowing that comes from within me. My daily work has become awareness of the constant guidance that is available to me and the peace that comes with that knowing. I am not alone; I have never been alone. I am always divinely guided.

My dear sisters and brothers, like me, you are never alone. Divine guidance is always there for you, in the moment that you choose to listen. As you learn to recognize it, you will realize that it is there for you in countless ways. Trust the guidance that comes from within; it is from your soul. When you are in communication with your soul, you are in the presence of Divine guidance for it is within your soul that you will encounter God. Namaste, my dears :))

Hello :) Please share your comments and related experiences. I look forward to learning and growing with you!

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