My Christmas Prayer for You

May we open into the truth of who we are at the soul level. May we embrace our true identities as spiritual sisters and brothers, as radiant expressions of Divine Love, one with the universal consciousness of God. May we open into the call of our souls to explore what that truth means in our lives.

In each moment, may we choose to look through the lenses of love so that we may recognize Christ within one another — our Oneness — beneath the illusions of separateness with which the ego would beguile and deceive us. May we embrace one another with unconditional love that sees beyond the clouded and fearful images that our egos would have us perceive.

In spite of what may have happened in our lives and the various ways by which we may feel hurt and betrayed, may we choose to see the truth of our brothers and sisters beneath the veil of sin that our egos would have them wear. May we recognize that God is Love, and therefore, so are they. So are we all.

Let us acknowledge that we have all been deceived by the illusions of ego. We have accepted that we needed to operate within a belief system of fear and self-protection. We have believed that others could hurt or harm us, and so we have lashed out in judgment borne of pain. The incredible gift of Christmas is that we can choose differently. We can release the shackles by which fear binds us, and we can choose the healing power of love that Jesus taught us through his teachings and his life. He knew His true identity as the Son of God, and through the text in A Course in Miracles, He teaches us that His identity is ours as well.

May we recognize the birth and journey of Jesus as the journey that is available to each of us when we choose love, when we choose to see what is truth, when we remember who we are as God’s Sons and Daughters. May we accept and embrace the guidance of our Brother, Jesus, who came to show us the way, and who is with us as Christ consciousness today and every day.

May we learn to receive and heed the guidance of our souls, for it comes from the Christ within us. Our souls are always connected to the Divine and will always lead us toward our highest good, to what we yearn for — our return to each other and to God.

May the celebration of the birth of Jesus awaken a remembrance of who we really are and a willingness to explore what that means in our lives. As we observe the traditions of the holiday season, let us open our hearts, minds, and souls to embrace the Divine presence of God in our lives. Let us truly know and accept that we are Love, we are loved, and God is with us always.



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