Fear Only Has the Power That We Give It

It seems that I have allowed fear and all of its manifestations — self-doubt, insecurity, self-blame, guilt, self-criticism and judgment — to have far too much power in my life. You see, I believed that fear was something beyond my control; that I was at the mercy of frightening events that could happen to me. I didn’t realize that I was the only one giving fear its power over me. In fact, fear has no power over us, unless we give it.

When we give power to fear, we are seeing ourselves as victims of life, rather than the powerful creators that we are. My experience has been that I have created exactly what I have feared in my life. When I have feared rejection, I have experienced it. When I have feared losing my way, I have felt lost and alone, with no sense of direction. When I have feared criticism and judgment, I have felt their sharp and painful bite. The reason for this has become clear; it is because of the energy that I have invested in fear-based beliefs. What I focus on is what I manifest in my life because I will always look for evidence of my beliefs. What I seek, I will find.

When I feared that no one would love me, I looked for evidence of that belief in my life. I didn’t love myself, and as I looked at the world through my clouded lenses of self-denial and judgment, I found evidence to support my beliefs. I drew to me people who treated me in ways that served to validate what I believed about myself. I created exactly what I believed and feared.

When I have believed that I am inferior to others, that has also been my experience. I have drawn to me people and situations that reflect my lack of self-worth. When I believe that I am not worthy of the happiness, success, and fulfillment that I witness other people experiencing, I cannot draw these experiences to me. My fears are characterized by negative energies, and so they can only attract energy of like frequency. I can only attract that which will corroborate my fears. I experience what I fear because it is what I expect.

Because I have the power to create what I fear in my life, it follows that I also have power to create what I want in my life. If I experience what I fear because it is what I expect, I can change my expectations. As I change my expectations and beliefs, I change what I experience. It all starts with me and the choices I make in each moment. I know what I create when I give power to fear; I create evidence of all my negative beliefs. Imagine what I can create when I make more conscious choices and  give power to love. To do this, I have to reset my default mode — the one governed by fear and negative self-beliefs. I have to reprogram my thinking and beliefs to come from fear’s opposite, which is love.

As I learn to love myself, I raise the frequency of the energy I emit and begin to attract experiences characterized by the higher frequencies of happiness, contentment, peace, fulfillment, and love. As I live my life from an inner knowing of my worth, my experiences reflect that I am worthy. As I choose to see and be the love that I am, evidence of love in all its manifestations is what I perceive. I create what I believe and give power to in my life.

I choose to give power to love. What will you choose?


2 thoughts on “Fear Only Has the Power That We Give It”

  1. My husband deserted me and got married secretly with a woman who he has been dating for 10 years also secretly. In my country his marriage is a crime because he did not divorce me before getting married. We are Christian and churchgoers, he was a clergy/one of the eldest in the church. When I found out about his marriage and get written statement from the church and the pastor who blessed their marriage, some people encouraged me to sue him but i did not do so as I was considering the impact my kids will have to go through if he is going to jail. I have two kids, a son (16 years old) and daughter (13 years old. I have not yet legally divorce as he hid the marriage certificate.

    When I read your article on dealing with emotional pain after divorce I agree with you that drawing closer to God in this time of difficult time is a must.

    1. Dear Regina Maria, thank you for sharing your experience. Your children are so blessed to have you for their mom. I can sense your strength and wisdom in not reacting in anger as you were advised. You put the well-being of your children above your pain, and I can attest to the love and strength that asks of us. Our kneejerk reaction seems to be that of “hurt him as he hurt me” but you rose above your pain to decide what would be best for your children. Regina Maria, I send you love and blessings. I know that you will find the healing you seek as you draw closer to God.

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