“You Will Look Upon That Which You Feel Within”

Has anyone else been feeling unsettled and restless? Have you felt unhappy and out of sorts? Since I have returned to work after the holidays, I have experienced a continuous dis-ease within, a dissonant inner hum, if you like. I am out of harmony and off balance, and as I am within, so I see without. My daily experience has confirmed my inner disharmony. Nothing has felt satisfying, and I have been operating in a continual state of “feeling off.”

What has caused this effect in my life? It’s me. It’s always me because I have the power to create what I experience in my life. It’s nobody’s fault; it’s not the time of year; and it’s not just the way it is after the holidays. When I get caught up in the illusions of the world — be it work, money, future plans, measures of success and accomplishment, seeking love, recognition, and acknowledgement — I am operating at the surface of life — at the level of ego — and this is like trying to stand in the powerful surf that rolls in from the ocean. Just as the waves can sweep me off my feet, so, too, can my preoccupation with the “stuff” of this world. Just as the water stills below the surface, I have to go deep within me where all is still. I have to ground myself in the peace and light that is within me, and I have to return here again… and again… and again to stay grounded in truth. I need to do this so that what transpires on the surface of my life doesn’t sweep my feet out from under me. I need to return to the ever-present stillness that is within me so that I can be the witness of all the actions and reactions, all the perceptions and emotions, that come and go within the experience of living. When I forget this, I allow myself to get caught up in the turbulence of everything that seems to happen to me and in spite of me. When this happens, I experience the kind of unsettled, inner disharmony that has shadowed my experience over the past weeks.

When I make time every single day to spend quiet time within, opening into the love and light that I am, experiencing the profound expansion and knowing that is there, then… and only then… can I go out into the world and keep my feet solidly under me, no matter what transpires at the surface. When I ground myself and come from the inner space of peace and the gentle knowing of the light within us all, I settle, and life flows from moment to moment without me losing my footing and succumbing to the toss and turn of the waves of my existence. As I cease looking for gratification and purpose in the world and remember to return to my inner being, my soul, I am no longer restless and unsettled. I settle into the knowing, loving embrace of God, and all is well.

My beloved sisters and brothers, I pray that you recognize the truth of the quotation from Lesson 189 in A Course in Miracles: “you will look upon that which you feel within.” Make time every day to go within to your spiritual centre, to your soul. Stay there and open into the exquisite peace and love that is you. As you feel and know that inner peace and love, that is how you will see and experience the world. When you forget, as I do, and you feel like you have lost your way, know that as you return to the inner essence of your soul, you will find it again. Spend quiet time opening to who you are within, and that will ground and ready you to maintain solid footing in the outer world. Namaste, my dears :))

4 thoughts on ““You Will Look Upon That Which You Feel Within””

  1. Linda: I do so connect with your feeling of unease. What you say is true, however, about finding time to get quiet, be still, and live in the present. I have found wisdom also in the book, Comfortable with Uncertainty, by Pema Chodron. –Maria Danna

    1. Maria, thank you for the recommendation! I am always looking for new titles that can help guide me deeper on this amazing journey. Every time I begin to feel off track, I can regain my footing by spending quiet time being still and going within to the inner quiet and knowing that is within us all. Namaste :))

  2. I do feel what you described here, restless and just not happy. This year I have not sat down and written down my goals for the year and therefore feel aimless. It’s so strange. Typically I am ready to take new goals and tackle the new year with vigor but not this year. I hope that I am not falling into a depression.

    1. Thank you for writing and sharing. When I am feeling lost and without direction, I know that I need to make time to get still and go within to the peace and love that is within us all. I know that I need to return to the teachings that inspire and guide me, like A Course in Miracles. I also know that I need to connect with the Divine through prayer or writing. Time spent in meditation, reflection, and prayer grounds me so that I can meet the world reconnected with my spiritual centre. When I let this essential practice go, I lose my way and begin to feel just as you describe — restless, unhappy, adrift. It is because we forget or don’t make time for what anchors us and provides the direction and guidance we seek. I hope this helps. Linda

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