Maintaining the Energy of Love

How do you maintain the positive energy that feels so effortless when you are centred within the love that you are? How do you keep your heartfelt intention to live your life from an inner space of love and peace? Do you find yourself feeling drained and deflated after being out in the world or in the company of certain people?

This is certainly my experience. When I am at home and I can centre myself within the truth of who I am, I open into the exquisite light of love that is within us all. I feel myself open wide within to the boundless love of God that is there for me… and for you. I renew my pledge to live my life from this inner space, to BE the love that I am… and then I go out into the world and struggle to maintain this level of loving energy and giving.

I have learned that everyone’s problems are not mine to solve or fix. I know that my worth is not to be found in what I perceive to be reflected back from others. I have learned to recognize and differentiate the demands of ego from the soft call of my soul. I understand the truth of who I am… and yet, I continue to struggle with maintaining the high frequency of love in which I bask when I am centred.

And I realize that therein lies the answer! It is to be found in my words: “I continue to struggle…” Maintaining the energy of love isn’t about struggle or working hard. It is not a state that I can attain through effort or sheer determination. It is about being aware of my inner state in each moment, and when I recognize that my energy is getting caught up in, and drained by, the whirl and seemingly endless demands of work and everyday life, I need to make time to get  re-centred and reconnected to the infinite Source of love that is within us all. It is that Source that sustains and strengthens me. As soon as I close myself off to it, I begin to feel the drain from my “tank” until it feels empty.

My individual efforts will never be enough to sustain the frequency and the power of love. Instead, I must relinquish my need to strive, and instead, recognize the quiet inner call of my soul to get still and to open myself to allowing this everlasting well of love to flow from within me. When I do this, there is no question of maintenance or struggle. Love and grace flow through me from the infinite, everlasting Source within me. For me, this Source is God. You may give it another name, but the name doesn’t matter. It is just a label that points at, and can never truly capture, what can only be experienced.

In this moment, I realize that my struggle has been in striving instead of allowing. It has been in believing that I must work hard to achieve a level of being that is characterized by the energy of love. There is no struggle, and there is no working hard to be what I truly am — an expression of the Infinite, a Child of God. What I am called to do is to return again and again to my Source — to my soul, to the presence of God within me. When I do this, I exude the high-frequency energy of love, not due to my efforts or any struggle, but because I open to the eternal Source within me.

My dear sisters and brothers, I pray that you realize, as I am learning, that you have unlimited access to an infinite well of love and well-being, and that well is within you. It waits for you to go within and open into it. You will know it when you do because you will open into a quiet stillness that wraps you in unconditional love. And in that opening, you know that all is well. Namaste, my dears :))

Hello :) Please share your comments and related experiences. I look forward to learning and growing with you!

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