The Lenses We Choose Create Our Experience

Do you realize the power you have to create your experiences? It all comes down to the lenses that you choose to wear, and the lenses that you choose reflect what you believe. But wait? Doesn’t life happen to us? Don’t we just do our best to adapt to what transpires in our lives? This common belief assumes that we are victims of our circumstances. Rather, we are powerful creators, and we experience exactly what we expect to experience in any given situation.

When we choose lenses shadowed by fear, past hurt, and betrayal, we are looking for confirmation of our expectations. Based on our past experiences, we believe that we can be hurt and betrayed, and this belief seeks expression and confirmation in our lives. If we fear that we will be hurt as we were in the past, we will approach people and situations from an inner space that is determined to find reasons to fear and mistrust. Because we have used our beliefs to prejudge people, we set up obstacles that prevent people from showing us who they really are. Instead, we are determined to find evidence to validate what we expect to experience. What we seek, we will find. We keep recreating what we experienced in the past because of our beliefs and expectations. Instead of being open to new opportunities and experiences in the present moment, we believe that what happened in the past will happen to us again. What we expect, we will create and experience.

When we choose lenses clouded by lack of self-worth, we seek confirmation of what we believe about ourselves. We convince ourselves that we want to feel accepted by others or that we want others to approve of us, but under that desire lies the belief that we aren’t good enough. That belief affects our experience because under the guise of sought-after approval and acceptance, we are really seeking confirmation of our lack of worth. Within the words, facial expressions, body language, and actions of others, we will perceive judgment and rejection. The outward expressions of others that we interpret as negative reflections about us have nothing to do with us, but we will interpret them as having everything to do with us. We will see confirmation of what we believe about ourselves.

How do we create a new experience? Choose different lenses that reflect different beliefs. Recognize the truth of who we all are as Children of God and choose the lens that reflects the love that we are — the lens of love. Let us live our lives from that inner space of knowing, and look beyond and beneath the outward manifestations of ego in others to their spirits within. Although they may seem to be buried beneath layers of fear-based emotions,  separation, and individualism, their spiritual identities remain… beautiful, pure, and part of us. Seek even the faintest whispers or glimpses of others’ souls and nurture those glimmers of inner light, for they are there waiting quietly to be remembered and recognized. As we look for God in everyone, we will experience confirmation of what we seek. The eternal spiritual essence that is you and me will connect with the eternal spiritual essence of another, and we will experience the love that we believe and know is there.

Dear spiritual sisters and brothers, ego wants us to believe differently. Ego wants us to choose the lenses of fear, judgment, and attack because that perpetuates the belief that we are separate from each other and from God. Embrace the truth of who you are and respond to the quiet call of your soul from within. When you do, you will create the love and acceptance that you seek to experience. You will experience the truth of “namaste” — the spirit within me recognizes and embraces the spirit within you. Namaste, my dears :))



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