A Message of Love to You

Do not measure yourself against the illusions of love propagated by consumerism and marketing campaigns. Most of all, do not view yourself as “less than” those who receive grand gestures and proclamations of special love on this day that marketers use as yet another opportunity to make money in the guise of celebrating love. Rather, see what is truth beyond the glittery trappings and guilt-inducing advertisements of what has become a commercial holiday. You are Love. Period. You are God’s Child, created in Love and as Love. Your worth is not measured in the professions of love by another. Your worth is measured in the truth of your creation and being.

Not only are you loved totally, unconditionally, and eternally, but beneath the layers of ego that would have you believe that you are separate and alone, you are a part of all that is. You are connected eternally to all of your spiritual sisters and brothers. This is not what your ego tells you. It tells you that you are alone, until another person who is alone develops a special relationship with you, and you are no longer alone, but a special unit of togetherness. In truth, we are all One, all loved equally, and all connected by the energy of the Love that created us.

Your ego tells you that you have to prove yourself to achieve certain milestones as measures of success in this life. You believe that you have to do more, try harder, and better yourself in countless ways to prove your worth. In truth, you have nothing to prove, nothing you have to do to make yourself worthy. You are worthy. Period.

You are inherently worthy because of who you really are. You are God’s own Child. Your soul knows this and calls softly to you to remember that which you forgot. Your soul is connected to the universal consciousness of the Divine; it knows your true identity and it knows your true worth.

You will find the love and validation of your worth that you seek in the external world within you. Get quiet and go within… past the noise of your mind and any anxiety or fear that your ego may put in your way. Drop down within the core of you to your soul. You will know it by the absolute love and peaceful stillness that opens within you. Stay there in the love that is always there for you. Bask in it. Revel in it. It is who you are. This is your true identity. It is the truly unconditional Love of God in which you were created and to which you can return at any time you choose.

When you realize the truth of who you really are, begin to recognize that the same truth exists within everyone. Beneath the illusions their egos would have them believe, they are beautiful expressions of God’s Love. As you open into the truth of your spiritual identity, look for this same truth in others. As you recognize and respond to the light within others, it will begin to shine through all the clouded layers that ego has laid over it so that we would forget our spiritual identities and connectedness.

Words cannot capture the beauty of the moment when you recognize and connect with the spiritual truth of another. You merge into the Oneness that you are, and you are lifted higher and deeper than there are words to express. True love is recognizing and embracing the truth of who we are, beneath the deceiving trappings of ego. True love is realizing that we are all One in spite of the illusions of separation that are projected in this world.

Dear spiritual sisters and brothers, I celebrate our Oneness today and every day. We are expressions of God’s incredible Love, and as His Children, we are Family — God’s Family — forever united in love and as love. Open deeply and widely into the love that you are and become a living embodiment of your true identity. With great love today and every day, I wish you Namaste, my dears. :))

Hello :) Please share your comments and related experiences. I look forward to learning and growing with you!

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