Riding the Crest of the Evolution Wave

For much of my life, I thought that evolution was the purview of scientists as it related to the development of animal species into more complex forms. Evolution was a Darwinian theory that had nothing to do with me, or did it? I didn’t realize how limited my perception was and that I am part of the great evolutionary cycle — of life, of consciousness, of being and becoming — as we all are.

We are all evolving — some of us more consciously than others — but we are all part of universal consciousness expressing itself in us as individuals and collectively within our social and cultural groupings and as humanity.  In our lives, we all encounter experiences that challenge us to grow and to stretch our concepts and understandings of who we are. We are deeper, more knowing, more complex versions of the individuals we knew ourselves to be a year ago, five years ago, ten years ago, twenty years ago. When I think of the “me” I used to be, there is very little that I can find of that version of me in the individual that I am today, and the “me” that I am today will be different tomorrow and next week and next year. I can remember the “me” that I was, but I am no longer that person. I have evolved; I am a part of the evolutionary process of becoming ever more of whom I have the potential to be — and I am only beginning to embrace the creative power and potential freedom in that realization!

Not only are we evolving individually, our inner expansion and awareness contributes to the expansion and knowing of the universal collective consciousness of which we are all an expression. Every step that we make on our inner journeys contributes to the development of the consciousness of which we are all a part. Consider what this means: our insights and understandings help us to evolve and to express ourselves in more loving, insightful, aware ways, and they also contribute to the advancement of mankind. Isn’t that amazing and wonderful!

As I reflect on my own life, I recognize the ways in which I have evolved beyond the conditioning of my family and the society into which I was born. I have spent my life rebelling against the constraints of my upbringing and social stereotyping. There is a powerful inner drive within me that refuses to be categorized, stereotyped, or limited, and yet, I have allowed myself to experience exactly those situations. Always, an inner voice called me forward and pulled me out of the hole in which I had allowed myself to become bogged. I recognize that inner voice as the evolutionary drive of my own individual consciousness, which is a part of universal consciousness.

Now, I want to evolve consciously. I hear and feel the drive within me to become ever more, to go ever deeper, and I open to awareness of the process. As I do, I begin to realize how thrilling the ride is on the crest of the wave instead of being swept off my feet by its inevitable rise and fall. The wave will carry me forward, and I can choose to be aware of the forward momentum and enjoy the ride or be thrown under by the forces of life and experience the upheaval of being “beached.”

Now that I see, I choose to embrace the ride on the crest of the wave. I want to consciously create deeper experiences of profound meaning and expansion in my life, and I want to have a front-row seat to the process of creation and evolution in my life. As I embrace my own creative power, I thrill to the knowing that I am an integral part of all that is… as are you. Let us all release any self-judgment or thoughts of limitation. We are anything but small or limited. We are part of the most powerful force there is — the power of the Divine expressing Itself. What an incredible, soul-stirring, life-embracing thought! With great love, I wish you Namaste, my dears :))

Hello :) Please share your comments and related experiences. I look forward to learning and growing with you!

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