Nothing Can Harm the “I Am” That Is Our True Identity

A powerful realization arose within me this week: nothing can hurt my true identity as the spiritual being that I am. Indeed, nothing has ever hurt the “I am” that I am. When I act from the belief that I have been hurt or harmed in any way, I am identifying with ego – with the individual identity I have created in which I perceive myself as separate from you and from everyone else.

As I struggled with trying to wrap my mind around truly forgiving those whom I believe have hurt me and with seeing them in the present moment without the weight of the past attached to my perception, a sudden illumination cut through the veil of my misperception. They could not have hurt the eternal soul that I am! It has only been my identification with ego that has allowed me to believe that I have been hurt. When I choose to sit within the truth of my soul, I know my strength and wholeness because I experience it. I realize that everything that I believe has happened to wound me has only arisen and then fallen away within what I believed to be the separate experience of my individual self. The consciousness that I know myself to be when I get quiet and go within past all ideas about my identity in this world remains unharmed as the ever-present observer of what I have chosen to create in my life.

How amazing and wonderful it is to realize that, in spite of what might appear on the surface to the individual concept of self that I have created, nothing can truly harm me. It is all illusion! It has all been the result of what I believed to be true, the result of what I chose to see. I believed that it was possible for others to hurt me, and so that became my experience. I believed that the actions and words of others could wound me, and so that became my experience. The truth is that the spiritual being that I am is and always will be, ever-present, ever-witnessing, ever-whole. It is only my belief in the individual self that I have created in this life that allows my perception of hurt and harm by others. Now, I choose a different experience based on the truth of my identity.

I choose to get out of my head and all the thoughts that torment and confuse me. I choose to return as often as possible to the peace and knowing that I experience when I go within and rest in the truth of who I am. It is there and then that I remember that I am a part of all that is, just as you are. We are all part of the One, the Christ, expressions of the Divine. When feelings of pain and fear arise, I pray for the vision to recognize them as fleeting emotions that are remnants of my belief that I was separate and vulnerable to attack, negative energy that I have stuffed down so that I could hold onto my wounds and continue my belief in separation. I pray for the vision to see Christ in every person whom I have encountered and whom I will encounter so that I can recognize and respond to our Oneness and help to illuminate that remembrance in them.

I know that I cannot do this on my own. I give my thoughts, words, and actions to the Holy Spirit and ask for guidance to be my truth in each moment of the day. As I release control and ask, I know that my prayer is answered and the guidance is there to help me see through the veils of misperception and be the truth of who I am.

Dear sisters and brothers, it is so easy to forget and lose sight of our Oneness in the clamour and activity of the world. Make time to get still and to go within to the truth of your beautiful, eternal being and rest in that love and wisdom. It is there for you always. In the moment that you experience fear or doubt or any negative energy, go within to your truth – the “I am” that you are. We are all One, all aspects of the Divine consciousness that created us, and it is only when we believe that we are individual, separate, and alone that we experience the fear and pain that comes with that belief. You are part of me, and I am part of you, and together, we are part of God… always. And nothing can harm the “I am” that you are. Namaste, my dears :))

4 thoughts on “Nothing Can Harm the “I Am” That Is Our True Identity”

  1. Thank you dear sister- One can see you seek truth and when you kept knocking on Heavens door- it opened wisdom and knowledge for you- How blessed I am for your Heart revealing the “Living Water” for you to pour it upon others. Thanks for sharing- even though we do not know each other in flesh- our souls are sisters in Him. Please I caution you- Be strong in the Lord always- be filled up- read his word daily- satan will try and rob you of the gifts of wisdom God has given you. Blessings- Pamela

    1. Dear Pamela, thank you for writing. I feel our sisterhood 🙂 I appreciate your caution. I have found that as I think I have understood a new level of truth, I am, indeed, tested by circumstances that arise in my life. Always, I am able to re-centre and find my way when I return to the truth of who I am within and ask for guidance that is always here for me in the moment that I ask. Everything that causes me to question or to falter is a signal to return to the truth that is for all of us – that we are eternal souls created by God and always united as One, in spite of appearances. Blessings to you, Pamela! Linda

  2. Thank you and I agree. I’ve been on my spiritual path for over a year now and knowing the the presence of the spirit is always within me I am no longer threatened by the thoughts of duality, I am no longer threatened by appearances. I had been feeling a little physical discomfort, but because there is only one power I was not bothered. I went to my doctor for a physical and she told me I was pregnant. I was excited, I made a follow up appointment and doc says I was high risk she prescribed me some progesterone injections and pills. She said I would have to keep taking the injections for most of my pregnancy. I took one shot and 4 days of meditation. I decided to meditate and this power within me advised me to stop the injections and to stop seeing my doctor. I stopped the injections for 3 months I never called her back. I went to another Doctor for a physical and an ultrasound. It was still too early to find out the gender of the baby, but everything was perfect even after I stopped the injections and meds. We really are powerful beyond belief and the spirit gives life, I am happy to know that I am expecting a beautiful healthy baby regardless of what my first doctor said. Bless you for sharing this truth ❤️

    1. Hi Lala! Thank you so much for sharing your experience of healing through the wisdom and guidance of spirit. I can attest to the power of following our inner guidance. Eight months ago, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. After the initial shock in the doctor’s office, I received clear inner wisdom as well. My body was giving me a message. Why would my body not attack itself when I had attacked myself and been self-critical my whole life? It emphasized the importance of my spiritual journey and opening into the magnificence of my true identity. I am pleased to share with you that my recent visit with my rheumatologist showed the inflammation markers in my blood to be almost zero. Are these readings the result of the arthritis medication that I take once a week? I’m sure that they are partly responsible, but even more important has been my spiritual journey to embrace my own knowing and to allow love, creativity, and grace to flow through me into the world. I have stopped getting in my own way, and as I have opened to the expression of consciousness through me, the pain and swelling in my joints has subsided and I am moving with greater ease at all levels into the flow of life through me. Bless you and your perfectly developing baby, Lala. May your spiritual journey continue to affirm your path and bless you with miracles like your beautiful baby. Namaste. Linda

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