Knowing God for Yourself

Are you called to read the writings of spiritual teachers? Do you find yourself eagerly pouncing on their newest offerings, hungry for the words that will take you further on your spiritual quest? Do you note the people whom these teachers quote as further sources for your search? These questions capture my quest over a period of many years. I kept searching and searching, moving from one spiritual teacher to another, digging deeper and developing my understanding of their teachings, but always deferring to these teachers to tell me about God and to inform me about the Divine.

After years of trying to satisfy an unquenchable hunger to know God, I realized that all of the writings by spiritual teachers could only serve as signposts for what I am called to know and experience for myself. I realized that knowing about God in my mind based on what others told me was not truly knowing the Divine. I stopped my incessant searching for others to tell me what I needed to know for ME, and I began to trust in my own explorations, experiences, and knowing.

I began to trust in the unconditional love and quiet inner peace that I open into when I quiet my mind and go within to my soul. The love that envelopes me is always there, as is the exquisite knowing that all is well and that I can rest and feel at ease in that loving embrace, knowing that I am never alone and that I am always fully supported and guided. The wisdom that I have gained through writing and prayer while in this inner state is profound and not the product of my mind. It has given me clarity as I asked for understanding and guidance when I could not find my way. It has opened the way for forgiveness and unconditional love when I could not make that happen on my own.

I began to trust in giving everything to Holy Spirit, God’s Teacher Who is here for all of us. I experienced the easy flow and unfolding of situations in which I had set myself up to feel anxious and judged. I experienced an open heart and forgiveness in situations in which I had set myself up to experience attack and hurt. I began to see that when I tried to figure things out on my own from my ego-mind, I made life hard for myself. When I ask Holy Spirit for guidance and help, I release my egoic need to control and judge and, instead, experience the peace of allowing life to unfold. I become the observer of the flow of life, and it stops being hard or stressful as I get out of my own way.

Another way that I love to experience God is getting outside and finding quiet places to be in nature. When I get quiet and close to Mother Earth, I am filled with peace and a sense of connection to all that is. As I settle into the vibrant energy of which I am a part, I am nurtured and strengthened from within. In those moments, I know that I am experiencing the Divine, the presence of God in all of creation.

I am learning to trust in my own knowing of God, and as I do, my spiritual reading affirms my experience. Instead of looking to others to tell me what I yearn to know about God, I trust in my ever-deepening knowing of the Divine. I look back and witness the process that has unfolded in my life as I developed an appetite to learn about God and then opened myself to true experience and knowing.

Dear spiritual sisters and brothers, how do you experience God? How do you connect with the Divine and know your true essence? I invite you to share with the hope and prayer that your experience will touch others to be able to find and truly know God, to experience their spiritual identity and the ever-present guidance and love that is here for us all. As we share, we will learn and grow together, and that will strengthen our experience as a spiritual family. I look forward to connecting and growing with you. Namaste, my dears :))

4 thoughts on “Knowing God for Yourself”

  1. Your words are exactly what I needed to be reminded of today, a little over a year after personal devastation, from divorce after a 20 yr marriage due to an affair, his sudden remarriage and refusal to communicate at all, even regarding our teen children, my mother’s sudden dean from pancreatic cancer and my father’s immediate remarriage as well, now cervical precancer, bankruptcy and a move to Seattle just prior to all of these events. I list these things…and today I’m utterly overwhelmed…but your words help me to step into the knowingness that I need to be reconnected to God, nature, flowing with the moments and letting myself feel the pain and grief. I look forward to reading your posts very much and thank you for taking the time to express this. It feels like a lifeline today. 🙂 Wishing you much love and peace…

    1. Dear Lynette, thank you for your heartfelt message. I know the feeling of being overwhelmed, as circumstances in my life have swept me off my feet and challenged me to survive and thrive. Each time, I experienced incredible learning and inner change. In the depths of the fear and despair I felt, I couldn’t see the ways in which I was being stretched on the inside, but now as I look back, I am grateful for the events that set the stage for my inner growth. When I first started my journey of healing after my marriage ended, I didn’t foresee the extent and depth of my spiritual journey. Now, it is my connection with God that keeps me centred in inner strength and love. We do have an incredible source of knowing within us when we reconnect with God. Lynette, when you feel overwhelmed, know that you are never alone. God is with you always, and you can experience God’s healing and unconditional love whenever you get still and go within to your Source. I am here if you need to reach out. My email address is at the bottom of the webpage. I am sending you a big virtual hug filled with love and caring. Linda

  2. On April 12, 2016 I discovered my wife of 26 years and mother of my four kids was having a 6 + year affair with her old boyfriend. We are selling the house and separating. While I can control my actions my emotions are controlling my thoughts.

    I have been very respectful to her and I intend to leave with my divinity and my head held high. My problem is I have a hard time looking at her and pretending this never happened.

    How do I get over my hatred and anger? What emotion should I have when thinking of her as a adulterer? Her selfishness caused the break up of two marriages and effected 7 children yet somehow she asserts I played a role in this. I agree I played a role in an unhappy marriage but I played NO role in her deceit disrespect of her adultery.

    For the sake of the kids how do I proceed forward

    1. Dear Norks,
      Your message speaks of such pain and heartache, and I want you to know that I have been right where you are now. I am not an expert, nor am I a counsellor or therapist, but I can share with you what I found helpful as I faced the same kind of heartbreak and emotional pain that you are facing. Allow yourself to feel all that you are feeling. Don’t try to stuff it down or tell yourself that you shouldn’t be feeling a certain way. Be gentle and loving with yourself. Allow yourself to cry or to express anger. As long as it is expressed in a safe way that doesn’t hurt anyone else, you are just releasing negative energy that you need to release in order to move toward healing. I had to realize that I couldn’t control the actions or decisions of another person; the only one I had control over was me, and I was determined to be a survivor, not a victim. I had to work on learning to love myself and recognizing my self-worth. I am still working on this, many years later, but I have made progress. As painful as my husband’s affair and the subsequent break-up of our marriage was, it truly wasn’t long before I recognized the hidden blessings and opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. I couldn’t change the circumstances, but I could create change within me. That has been my focus ever since, and I am truly in a better place within myself. My path toward healing and personal growth soon opened into one of spiritual growth and awareness. My journey is shared through my blog posts. You can share in that journey with me if you go back to the early blog posts and move forward. My prayers are with you, Nork. May you find healing and growth within this painful episode in your life. Linda

Hello :) Please share your comments and related experiences. I look forward to learning and growing with you!

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