The Tapestry of Life


Have you ever contemplated the wonder of the tapestry that is your life? Have you ever marvelled at how all the threads of your experiences have woven together to create your own unique and beautiful expression of life? We often get so caught up in the day-to-day demands and stresses of living that we forget to step back and observe the wonder of what is being created through our lives.

I received a delightful reminder of the importance of doing this a short time ago as I was preparing for my day. After reading from A Course in Miracles, I was praying to Holy Spirit for guidance during my day when I experienced a sudden symbolic view of my life. In that brief instant, I saw how all the seemingly disparate threads of my life wove together to create what appeared as a magnificent, brilliantly-hued tapestry… and I was filled with awe at the wonder of it. From that vantage point of awareness, I could see my life experiences converging and diverging in an beautifully intricate pattern, and I giggled at the sheer joy of it.

This image, although momentary, has stayed with me, and it reminds me to step back and observe what occurs from a wider perspective of awareness. Every experience has contributed an essential thread in the tapestry that tells the story of my life journey, just as your experiences are weaving together to create your life tapestry. When we are caught up in the details of our lives, we are only looking at the threads and we can’t see the larger picture that is being created. As we focus on individual threads, some of them may appear dark and uninviting, just as others may appear bright and appealing. On their own, they can’t show us the beauty of what is forming. It is only when we step back that we can see how the dark threads and the brightly coloured threads weave together to create something multi-dimensional and wonderfully unique.

When I focus on the individual thread that is my experience right now, I can’t see the bigger picture. I can’t see how this thread connects with all the other threads of my life nor how the hue of this thread is combining with the other threads of my life to create a new dimension to my tapestry. And I certainly can’t see how my tapestry connects with your tapestry within the larger creative flow of life. When I step into the position of observer, I can begin to see more than individual threads; I can see the ways in which they weave together. As I release my need to control what happens in my life and open myself up to allowing life to flow through me, I recognize that my tapestry is changing in unique and unexpected ways. I always thought the threads that I had to choose from were limited, and now I realize that an infinite array of threads is available as I open and allow myself to be guided.

The tapestry of my life is ever evolving—a changing and beautifully intricate picture of connection and oneness in spite of the appearance of separate life events. Everything I experience is connected within the larger picture of my life, and my picture, although different in appearance, is connected with yours within the larger tapestry of creation of which we are all a part. Join me today in stepping back for a moment and revelling in the wonder of God and creation. We are part of an ever-evolving tapestry of God experiencing life, and although my part feels and looks different and apart from yours in this physical experience of life, we are all part of the whole. We are all truly One.

Hello :) Please share your comments and related experiences. I look forward to learning and growing with you!

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