What Are You Being Called to Do?

Do you feel an inner restlessness that keeps calling you to pay attention? Do you sense that there is more that you are meant to be doing? Do you receive inner “nudges” that you acknowledge but aren’t sure what to do with? If so, have you considered that there is a higher purpose waiting to be expressed through you?

If you are still reading, my words resonate with a knowing within you. It may be a knowing that you haven’t given voice to as yet, but it is there and something within you is taking notice. Pay heed to that. Don’t try to push it down or ignore it because you aren’t sure what it means or how it might look in your life. The “hows” will unfold when you open to this calling within you, and it will keep calling you until you pay attention.

We often wonder why we are here and what our purpose is in this life. We try to find it through experiences in the outer world — work, family, volunteering, recreational pursuits, and so on — and while we might experience fulfillment for a while, it seems that we always come back to the question of why we are here, what greater purpose our lives have beyond the requirements of living in the world. That has certainly been my experience. No matter how much I loved being a mom and a teacher, no matter how much fulfillment I found in these roles, always, there was an undercurrent of restlessness and yearning within me. Something was calling me, but I didn’t know what to do with it. I vividly remember wishing that I could just be satisfied with the status quo; other people seemed to be — why couldn’t I?

I couldn’t because unfinished business lay restless within me. I had recognized my restlessness; I sensed that I was being called to do more, to bring something into the world that I had come here to do, but I hadn’t moved on it… not really. I hadn’t fully committed myself to allowing those “nudges” to take me where I was meant to go. I had taken some preliminary steps: I answered my inner call to write and share what I was struggling with, learning, and realizing on my path of healing and spiritual growth with these blog posts. I wrote most of my first book detailing my experiences, but then I stopped and put it away… telling myself that it wasn’t quite ready (or I wasn’t quite ready).

Something profound happened within me when I accepted this position and started a new phase of my life. I yielded to that call within me. When I look back, my path “into” this position was beautifully orchestrated. It began with an almost-submitted application more than a year ago, when I first saw the position advertised. I responded to the excitement it created within me and completed the application, but then I talked myself out of sending it. I regretted that decision within a few short weeks. A few months later, a “nudge” came from a former colleague that re-ignited my interest in the work. It continued when the call came out for two more positions doing this work a year after the first one I had talked myself out of applying for. There was a reason this opportunity was coming around again. I applied, followed through, and was offered the job.

Before accepting this position, I had yearned to stretch and grow. The work that I have been learning to do has done exactly that. It has stretched me in expected and unexpected ways, and I am realizing that I can meet the challenges that present themselves by being fully present in the moment and by opening to and trusting in the knowing that flows through me. But there is something else going on… I can’t put my finger on it or name it, but I sense it. This move, this change that I have allowed myself to open into, is preparing me for something. I have no idea where or what, but I am at last at the place where I am allowing life to unfold… and trying to keep out of my own way.

I feel a renewed commitment and drive to write and share my experiences via these blog posts, and I have begun the work to revive my book. When I am writing, the restlessness within me quiets, and the stillness within me shows me that I am moving in the right direction. I am listening and allowing life to unfold through me, rather than trying to figure it out for myself and seeking to control the outcomes (which has not proven to be a highly successful strategy :).

I don’t know where this inner impulse is taking me, but I can sense an inner excitement and knowing as I open to that guidance and take steps to respond to what I am called to do. I have no idea how this path will unfold or what it is going to look like as I move forward. I sense that I am being moved into actualizing my purpose for being here, and all I have to do open and allow.

My question to you is this: what is calling you? What won’t leave you alone and leaves you feeling restless and unsettled? Is there a voice within you that is reminding you that you came into this life with a greater purpose? Do you have a knowing within you of what this purpose is but you haven’t fully committed to it yet? I have no tried and true steps for you that guarantee amazing success/results; all I can share with you is what I am sensing within myself and the excitement I feel within as I respond and the quiet knowing that results as I allow.

We all have gifts to give the world. This is not cliché; it is truth. You have something special within you to bring into the world to make it a better place, to help others, to create beauty, to be innovative, to be a change-maker. Can you hear that purpose calling to you? Will you listen? I am finding that opening myself up to what calls me within is creating a much more profound sense of presence, a deeper knowing of Lesson 358 of A Course in Miracles: Let me not forget my self is nothing, but my Self is all.” You and I are part of Self, expressions of universal consciousness, manifestations of the Divine. When we open to the movement of the Divine through us, all is possible. If you are like me, you just need to get out of your own way.

What is calling you? Will you share with me? With us as a community? Together, we can support one another and deepen our remembering and knowing that we are all One and that we are here to bring unity and divinity into the world. Namaste, my dears. I send you great love always. Linda




Hello :) Please share your comments and related experiences. I look forward to learning and growing with you!

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