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As I embraced life as an adult, I tried on many hats. I discovered that my teacher hat is one that I was born to wear, as is my mother hat. I do like to wear my writer hat, and sometimes I pull out and dust off my editor hat, but my favourite hat has become my learner hat. Above all, I seek to learn and grow personally and spiritually, and I want to share the priceless treasures that I have discovered with the hope and prayer that you can find and experience them too.

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  1. I was led to your website this morning, as God is always in charge and directs His children in ways that will further His work. I am the steward of a not for profit organization to build Centers of Hope in the United States to assist homeless families on their journey to discovering who they really are. I am touched by your love and sincerity and how God has blessed and shaped “you” one of His LIGHTHOUSES, at this most glorious time to live on this earth.
    It would be my honor to come to a remembrance of how our paths converge in serving His plan for His Children…………….ever soaring upward, Randall

    1. Randall, thank you for reaching out and for sharing your work with homeless families. I am touched by your work with families who are at such a vulnerable stage in their journeys. I am blessed by your message and I look forward to hearing more about your journey and, yes, to how our paths converge.

  2. You say that after your divorce, you will find a new self, as you did, going to work and caring for your children. My ex, a narcissist who had me arrested after he called me a bitch and I admitted slapping him (case was terminated and I still go to victims’ counseling), but he has residential custody of my teens, who he has brainwashed, they have no remembrance of me working (I’ve been on SSDI since 2004), and I drive 160 miles to pick up my son (still a minor), to visit every other weekend. My ex violates the JPA at whim, the kids never complain about him….and I am so very tired. My Dad died in 2011, my divorce ripped my soul in half in 2012, I lost my kids in 2013, as well as my retirement security, my mind (he’d remove things from the house but leave the boxes there, like we still needed to go through them, he took money out of my daughter’s bank account, which I was custodian on, etc), in 2014, our divorce was final, I filed for bankruptcy, my mother died, my friend of 25 years died, then a classmate died at 48. I feel so paralyzed in my apartment, filled with boxes of papers, photos, marital assets (in totes in a garage, yet I’m impassioned to write. But I don’t feel recovered from this divorce at all…

    1. Dear Jennifer, thank you for reaching out and writing. I can feel the pain in your words, and I hope that you can feel the love and true caring that I am sending from my heart to yours as I write. Jennifer, my journey began with taking steps to get out of an increasingly dysfunctional relationship. Initially, those steps were for the sake of my children, and I went through the motions of what I needed to do for them for a long time. I began to focus on my own healing when I realized that I needed to love and accept myself before I could truly love them unconditionally. That inner work was essential to my healing… and theirs. I couldn’t do anything about the events that had happened in their lives or mine, but I did have the power to choose to learn to love myself. As I began to embrace my own worth and to come from a place of love and self-acceptance, the events in my life began to mirror the changes and growing strength within me.
      I am certainly not an expert, Jennifer, and all I can do is share with you based on my experience and what I have learned. What I have realized is that the outer events of my life mirror my inner state of being. When I came from a place of hurt and anger, my outer world reflected that negative energy. When I began to love myself and to come from an inner place of love, my outer world reflected that positive energy. If you want to create positive change in your life and to begin to feel better, your starting place has to be within you. I highly recommend Louise L. Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life. It was such an important guide for me as I learned to love myself and to know my own worth.
      I understand your feelings of inner paralysis. I’ve been in that dark inner space. Jennifer, you have the power and inner strength to change those feelings. I know that it doesn’t feel that way right now, but you can make it happen… one step at a time. You are worth it! Linda

  3. Great to hear from you Linda, again I am so grateful for the work you do, you have truly been blessed with great insight to the wholeness of individuals. Of course you paid the price to gain that inside, God is always willing to bless us as we reach out to Him!

    Things are going well with Sonhaven, we have the land now and we are working with the architects and engineers – to complete all the design work. Please stay in touch, I appreciated your post, our oldest daughter is going through a similar divorce. I read to her Jennifer’s story. Have a great day.


    1. Hi Randall 🙂 It is wonderful to hear from you again! I am so pleased to hear that things are going well with Sonhaven. You are making your dream come true, and in doing so, you will help so many people. Bless YOU for the work that you do. I am sorry to read that your oldest daughter is having to experience such pain, but what I have learned is that emotional pain provides the opportunity for incredible transformation. I pray that your daughter can find the hidden blessings and growth opportunities in this experience. Please stay in touch. Linda

  4. I filed for divorce in December after over hearing a conversation my husband was having in our car with another woman. I could hear the things they were doing and saying. It was the woman he was having an affair with a few years back. One of many. He would pick fights with me and leave for days at a time. He would have explicit conversations with his ex sister in law. She sent him naked pictures of herself ( which I posted on social media) he was violent and abusive towards me. He cheated while I was going through depression after giving birth to our twins. I tried several times to forgive him because I honestly believed he loved me. He always came back. He blames me because his family severed ties with him once we married. They don’t even have a relationship with our children. He blames me for not having a relationship with his older children because we moved out of state. How is this all my fault. I trued in every way to move on and get in with our lives but he says I never noticed the good he did. I did but the pain was always ththat he doesn’t How can I when the trust was broken . now he tells me that he doesn’t want the divorce but the minute I express what I need from him he refuses. We’ve been married 10 years and never been away together thata what I wanted and a nice ring to symbolize his love and sincerity to me. Its not much but he says I don’t deserve it. He’s mean and spitetful he hasn’t even seen the kids. I’m tired I get no time to myself and I’m so hurt by all if this. I feel like the pain gets worse Evey day. Why can’t he see how easy it was to fix our marriage. I just wanted to trust and have a connection with him again. He dies everything but that but still tells me how much he misses and loves me. I feel like I’m going to lose my mind. I’m tired of people telling me to be strong for the kids. Who’s going to he strong for me? I can’t even make my ends meet financially. I don’t even want to wake up anymore. I didn’t ask for any of this.

    1. Sharon, I can feel your pain in what you wrote. I understand where you are coming from because I’ve been there. I know what a dark, confusing, frightening place it is… and how no matter how you try, you can’t seem to see a way out of all that darkness and pain. You ask who is going to be strong for you. I wondered the same thing and I found it… in me. All the strength that you need is within you. I spent so much of my life looking for my worth and for validation from others. I looked for others to love me… to fill the hole within me that yearned to be loved. What I discovered on my journey is that all the love that I was seeking and all the strength that I so wanted someone else to give me was all within me. Sharon, I am not a counselor, but I hear you and I’ve been there. I can only share what my experience has been. What helped me was to begin to let go of who was to blame and what others needed to do… and to focus on me and my well-being. I began the inner work to learn to love myself. As I practised new self-talk that spoke of love for me and of my own worth, I grew stronger, little by little. My children benefited from my growing strength because they witnessed their mom doing what she needed to to do heal. I hear so much of me in your words, the me that cried out to the ones that turned on me and broke my trust. What I learned was that I needed to turn TO me for the rescue I was seeking, and as I did, I grew stronger. If you go back to the first articles I posted on my blog, I write in detail about those first steps. I hope and pray that you will find support and guidance in those posts for they focus on what I did to learn to love myself, to forgive, and to begin to step into my own strength. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Sharon. Just remember: you have all the strength and love that you seek within you. You really do. Linda

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