To All Women and Children

This post is dedicated to Latasha, Landen, Jenika, and Janayah Gosling, and to all women and children who need support, safety, and healing. The news of a murder-suicide in my small community of Tisdale, Saskatchewan, sent shock waves through us all. The incomprehensible had happened in our peaceful, little community. A young mother and her three beautiful, innocent children had been murdered by the man with whom she had been in a relationship. Then he had travelled to Prince Albert, a small city about 130 kilometres from Tisdale, with the six-month-old baby that he and the mother had shared, where he took his own life. The baby was found alive beside his body. How could this have happened? I think back to the morning that I learned what had happened. It had seemed like any other morning. The sun was shining brightly, just as it had every morning for the […]

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