A Course in Miracles


Contemplating the Power of My Expectations

I spent time reflecting on the following passage from Chapter 9, Section II, Paragraph 5 of the Text of A Course in Miracles this week:

The message your brother gives you is up to you. What does he say to you? What would you have him say? Your decision about him determines the message you receive.

The message my brother gives me is up to me? My decision about him determines the message I receive? I knew the truth in these words as soon as I read them, and I realized that knowing their truth placed responsibility on me for embodying this truth in my life.


My Prayer for Beginning a New School Year

As I contemplate the beginning of a new school year, I am filled with excitement about the community of learning and growing and caring that I will build with my students. I am also filled with acute awareness of the powerful influence we will have on one another. And so I pray from the deepest part of me: Dear God, I pray that each day… each hour… each moment… I am open to, and guided by, Your Love so that I may recognize and nurture the beautiful light that shines within each of my students. Help me to see who they truly are beneath any exterior defences they have erected, and guide me to help each of them see and embrace their own truth. I pray that every moment my students spend with me in our classroom is about learning and growing and moving ever closer to the people they are meant to become. I pray […]

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