Learning to be Present and to Receive

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to practise my deeper understanding of awareness in a profound way. Over the past few years, I have grown used to doing things for myself and to be proud of my independence. In fact, I have embraced my independence so much that it is hard for me to ask anyone for help. I know that one of the lessons I still have to learn is how to receive… gracefully and openly. Giving is so natural for me, but it has become more and more apparent that I need to practise receiving. What happened yesterday that links my need to learn how to receive with my deepening awareness of who I am beyond the rise and fall of emotions, thoughts, and sensory input? I had to have a growth removed surgically from within my foot. In my “proud-to-be-independent” mind, I told myself that I could handle […]


Relationships Provide Our Greatest Teachers: Part Two — Friendships

As I continue my reflections about the teachers who taught me my greatest lessons, my thoughts turn to my dearest friends. Their lessons have come wrapped in shoulders to cry on, arms to hold me, ears to listen, lips to affirm and witness, and hearts to care and believe in me until I was ready to believe in myself. Think about who comes to mind as you read. Consider the lessons your friends have taught you and reflect on their meaning in your life. What priceless lessons have I learned from my friends? They have extended my definition of family from the one I was born into to a more expanded version composed of those who have held me up, believed in me during my darkest days, and given me the strength to stand on my own. They are the champions who celebrated each step I made forward, who cheered me […]

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