Honour the Gifts of Growth

Pause for a moment and look back —  you are not who you were when your inner journey began. You have been stretched and moulded in unexpected and wonderful ways —  ways that you had no way of anticipating before your journey began. You have traveled through the fires of life, and they have forged someone deeper and wider within, someone who is more at peace and in tune with inner guidance, someone who has begun to take notice of the gifts within each challenge and loss. Pause for a moment and appreciate all the pain-filled moments in which you felt ripped apart, the hot tears of grief and anguish that you cried, and the dark times during which you felt lost and alone. They provided the impetus for your growth and expansion. Pause for a moment and give thanks for the people who frustrated you and kept you tossing and turning […]

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Dear God,
Thank you for loving me through it all —
through all the times I thought I could do things my own way;
through all the wrong turns and stubborn choices that I made in spite of my inner guidance;
through my misguided determination to figure things out for myself.

Learning to Be

I want to celebrate an important milestone on my inner journey with you. I am opening into just being, and it feels wonderful! I have always allowed myself to be ruled by a steady stream of “shoulds” and “have tos” in my mind, and at long last, I am able to release and allow myself to just be. I sensed that I needed to do this as summer holidays beckoned and colleagues talked about their summer plans. Whenever I was asked about my plans, my answer was always the same, “I want time to just be.” I hadn’t given my response a lot of thought; it just rose from within me. As it was expressed, I knew it was what I needed to do. And that is exactly what the first two weeks of my summer break have been all about. Extended periods of time along our walking paths every day have provided me […]

The Freedom of Releasing Control and Learning to Allow

I have made a pact with myself, a pact that is bringing such peace and freedom into my life, that I wonder why it took me so long to accept its importance. My pact is very simple; I release my need to control life and allow life to flow. I have been a “control freak” perfectionist most of my life. Everything had to be done according to my notions of “perfect,” and the one that I was hardest on in this elusive quest for perfection was me. I felt that I needed to take care of every detail so that things were done “right.” That pursuit had a high cost because I demanded 110% of myself for every single thing that I did. I wasn’t content with 90% or even 100%. I had to push myself to give more than was possible or expected so that I could live up […]


Learning to be Present and to Receive

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to practise my deeper understanding of awareness in a profound way. Over the past few years, I have grown used to doing things for myself and to be proud of my independence. In fact, I have embraced my independence so much that it is hard for me to ask anyone for help. I know that one of the lessons I still have to learn is how to receive… gracefully and openly. Giving is so natural for me, but it has become more and more apparent that I need to practise receiving. What happened yesterday that links my need to learn how to receive with my deepening awareness of who I am beyond the rise and fall of emotions, thoughts, and sensory input? I had to have a growth removed surgically from within my foot. In my “proud-to-be-independent” mind, I told myself that I could handle […]


“A-HA” Moment Two — Gaining Insight into Awareness

In my last post, I shared with you the first of two “A-Ha” moments I experienced during the past week. In this post, I want to share with you the second one, for which my gratitude goes to Michael A. Singer, author of the untethered soul — the journey beyond yourself. His writing led me to a profound realization that has freed me from worrying about the emotional pain and anger that continues to arise within me from time to time. Because it continues to be triggered by people and events in my life, I have worried about the extent of my healing and my ability to forgive. I have stressed about my seeming inability to move forward on my spiritual journey. Through Michael’s words of wisdom, I have realized that this pain and anger arises, but it also fades. It comes and it goes, but it isn’t who I […]


A New Kind of Resolution

How many of us begin the New Year by lamenting over our bodies and resolving to exercise more and eat a more healthy diet? We begin with great determination and, in a matter of time, we lose our resolve and lapse back into old habits of eating and drinking too much of what isn’t good for our bodies and choosing to relax in front of a screen instead of exercising our bodies. I am suggesting a new kind of resolution: instead of criticizing the faults that we perceive in our body’s appearance and resolving to work our bodies into shape, let us resolve to love our bodies and to be grateful for all that our bodies do to keep us healthy and moving every single moment of every day. There has been a lot written about the law of attraction. From my own experience, I know that the kind of […]


Reflections on the Dawning of the New Year

  As I reflect on the year that is winding down to its final hours and contemplate the year that beckons with its clean slate, I am filled with gratitude for the inner growth I have made and anticipation for the lessons that await me. I am reminded that my life is a journey, and that this evening provides an opportunity to pause and to look back from this vantage point. It is a time to appreciate the winding and sometimes convoluted path I have traveled to get me to where I am right now. It is also a time to imagine where I want my life path to take me in the coming weeks and months. I hope that you will join me in your own celebration of how far you have traveled on your life path this year. Let us reflect on and give thanks for the following: the progress we have made […]


Thank you

I just want to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to the thousands of people who have subscribed to my blog posts. I wrestled with writing about my experiences and what I had learned from them for a long time before I made my first post public. Should I reveal myself so publicly? Would anyone want to read about my experiences? Beneath my self-doubts, I felt a continual internal pull toward doing the very thing I kept sidestepping. Finally, with a deep breath and a fervent hope that I could help even one other person, I began writing. Every single day, more of you subscribe to my posts, and I am humbled by this continuing process… truly humbled. I feel a great sense of obligation to all of you to continue to write about what I am learning and realizing with as much insight, integrity, and truth as I can. The one thing […]


Finding a High When You’re Feeling Low

Happiness is a choice… a very conscious choice that we are challenged to make each and every day. Because it is a choice, happiness is an inside job. It isn’t up to anyone else but us. Happiness comes from within us and reflects the way in which we are choosing to see ourselves, our circumstances, and the world. I try to live my life knowing that my happiness is my choice… but there are still times when I stumble and find myself feeling low. I know you do, too. It is part of being human. We all know that gray, despondent feeling when we feel alone and vulnerable, and it seems that nothing is going right in our world. It’s easy to sink into that feeling and succumb to feeling sorry for ourselves. But we also know that easy as it is to fall, it definitely does not feel good to stay too […]

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