A Course in Miracles

“You Will Look Upon That Which You Feel Within”

Has anyone else been feeling unsettled and restless? Have you felt unhappy and out of sorts? Since I have returned to work after the holidays, I have experienced a continuous dis-ease within, a dissonant inner hum, if you like. I am out of harmony and off balance, and as I am within, so I see without. My daily experience has confirmed my inner disharmony. Nothing has felt satisfying, and I have been operating in a continual state of “feeling off.”

The Freedom of Releasing Control and Learning to Allow

I have made a pact with myself, a pact that is bringing such peace and freedom into my life, that I wonder why it took me so long to accept its importance. My pact is very simple; I release my need to control life and allow life to flow. I have been a “control freak” perfectionist most of my life. Everything had to be done according to my notions of “perfect,” and the one that I was hardest on in this elusive quest for perfection was me. I felt that I needed to take care of every detail so that things were done “right.” That pursuit had a high cost because I demanded 110% of myself for every single thing that I did. I wasn’t content with 90% or even 100%. I had to push myself to give more than was possible or expected so that I could live up […]


Finding a High When You’re Feeling Low

Happiness is a choice… a very conscious choice that we are challenged to make each and every day. Because it is a choice, happiness is an inside job. It isn’t up to anyone else but us. Happiness comes from within us and reflects the way in which we are choosing to see ourselves, our circumstances, and the world. I try to live my life knowing that my happiness is my choice… but there are still times when I stumble and find myself feeling low. I know you do, too. It is part of being human. We all know that gray, despondent feeling when we feel alone and vulnerable, and it seems that nothing is going right in our world. It’s easy to sink into that feeling and succumb to feeling sorry for ourselves. But we also know that easy as it is to fall, it definitely does not feel good to stay too […]


Help Our Children Discover Life Beyond Entitlement

O child of my heart, I wanted to give you everything… … lay the world at your feet …. make all your wishes come true … create a fairy tale existence of happily ever after. All for you, Child of my heart.   O child of my dreams, I wanted to give you everything I imagined I didn’t have growing up… … recognition of how special and worthy you are … opportunities to have and experience everything other kids got to enjoy … rewards for doing your best… and sometimes, not even your best. Every first… and second and third… every little thing… had to be recorded and displayed in honour of you and your life… … albums and digital folders and walls of photos … posts on social media seeking affirmation of all that I see in you. You were the star of everything you did. I made the world […]


All That You Seek Is Within You

It seems to me that everyone is searching… for  the perfect job, the perfect partner, the perfect home, the perfect look, the perfect vehicle, the perfect holiday, the perfect deal.. and the list goes on. One only needs to take note of people’s actions and comments over a short period of time to observe this endless quest. Just stand back and observe people in a shopping mall. Listen to people’s conversations over a meal or at coffee. Watch the media messages that bombard us every day. The underlying belief is that these external markers of success will make us happy. Hmmmm… questionable logic seems to be at work here. “When I have/get [insert wish here], I will be happy.” When did having or getting anything ever result in lasting happiness? Might you experience happiness in the attainment of something? Of course. You might experience excitement, a surge of joy, delight, or even a […]


Roadblocks Help Us Find Our Way

How do you view the roadblocks that have appeared in your life? At times, has it seemed that your life journey seems to meet one obstacle after another? There were certainly times in my life when it seemed that no matter which way I turned, I ran into another roadblock. When I look back, I see my roadblocks through a different lens of understanding than I did when I was mired in the muck of frustration and blinded by emotional reactions that ranged from anger and rejection to hurt and despair. Along my road to self-discovery, I have learned that all I need is within me. Prior to realizing this, I spent most of the years of my life seeking love, worth, fulfillment, and happiness outside of me through travelling, partying, relationships, my work, involvement in organizations and groups, and striving to achieve and be the best I could possibly […]


What Do We Really Want?

It seems to me that as the most evolved species on this planet, we should know what we are doing. Observation of our actions should validate our self-proclaimed top position on the evolutionary ladder. When I think of highly evolved, qualities that come to mind include intelligence, compassion, perceptiveness, wisdom, integrity, love — a species motivated by altruism. I imagine a species that cares for its people and the planet on which it lives; a species that survives and flourishes within a system based on respect, harmony, and caring for one another and the environment. Pause for a moment and consider the observations someone from a more global vantage point might make: a species that destroys the planet on which it lives; a species that attacks and destroys its own; a species that ignores the wisdom of its more learned advisers and continues on its perpetual search for money, power, prestige, […]


The Secret to True Happiness

Have you wondered what the secret is to finding and experiencing true happiness every day of your life? It’s not really a secret. I hate to pull the rug out from under the people who profess to have the secret and who promise to reveal it to you if you pay x number of dollars to register for their program or buy their book. No program or book can do that, no matter how much you pay for it and no matter who it is sharing the “secret.” Happiness is a choice. It is a choice that you make every moment of every day of your life. It is a state of mind that you choose to embrace. It is not about what has happened to you in the past or what occurs during any given day. It is not about how anyone treats or reacts to you. That is […]

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