Only We, Ourselves, Can Make Life Better for Us

Have you ever believed that someone else could make your life better for you — that somehow, in some way, attaching your life to someone else was the secret to a full and happy life? Have you imagined your “dream come true” or your “life happily ever after” because being with someone else was going to make it better? I certainly did… three times. And three times, I had to restart and find healing and my way forward on my own. I think I have finally realized the lesson. First of all, I attached my dreams for my happy future to a man whom I met while I attended the University of Sydney in Australia. He was my first love, and when my year of studies was done and I had to return to Canada, I focused all my energies on working and earning enough money to return to Australia […]


A Tribute to Motherhood

  I dedicate this post to mothers everywhere — new mothers, experienced mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers, those who yearn to be mothers, and those who just naturally mother all living beings in their lives. Motherhood opens wide our hearts, and teaches us about unconditional love… love that truly surpasses all understanding, love that recognizes the beauty of another’s inner light and finds its expression in giving and nurturing. Motherhood strengthens our hearts to withstand the agony of worry and the pain of witnessing our children’s hurt, and not being able to do anything other than hold them and shelter them from the stormy winds of life. Motherhood tempers our hearts with understanding and compassion so that we learn what it is to truly listen without judgement or the need to fix, so that we learn to witness and guide our children’s journeys to finding who they are. Motherhood fortifies our […]


Learning to be Present and to Receive

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to practise my deeper understanding of awareness in a profound way. Over the past few years, I have grown used to doing things for myself and to be proud of my independence. In fact, I have embraced my independence so much that it is hard for me to ask anyone for help. I know that one of the lessons I still have to learn is how to receive… gracefully and openly. Giving is so natural for me, but it has become more and more apparent that I need to practise receiving. What happened yesterday that links my need to learn how to receive with my deepening awareness of who I am beyond the rise and fall of emotions, thoughts, and sensory input? I had to have a growth removed surgically from within my foot. In my “proud-to-be-independent” mind, I told myself that I could handle […]


“A-HA” Moment Two — Gaining Insight into Awareness

In my last post, I shared with you the first of two “A-Ha” moments I experienced during the past week. In this post, I want to share with you the second one, for which my gratitude goes to Michael A. Singer, author of the untethered soul — the journey beyond yourself. His writing led me to a profound realization that has freed me from worrying about the emotional pain and anger that continues to arise within me from time to time. Because it continues to be triggered by people and events in my life, I have worried about the extent of my healing and my ability to forgive. I have stressed about my seeming inability to move forward on my spiritual journey. Through Michael’s words of wisdom, I have realized that this pain and anger arises, but it also fades. It comes and it goes, but it isn’t who I […]


“A-HA” Moment One — Gaining Insight into the Process of Forgiveness

I “got”… I mean, I really “got“… two incredible understandings during the past week that I want to share with you! I have read these teachings before, but it was this week that their truth resonated within my being and I was able to embrace them beyond my prior surface understanding of the words used to express them. I will share the first “A-ha” moment with you in this post and the second one in the post to follow. The first one happened when I pulled my copy of Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life from my bookshelf. I often refer to Louise’s list of “dis-eases” and probable causes, but this time, I felt compelled to begin reading her book again from the beginning. As you know, I have been working on forgiveness and being able to completely release pain and grievances from my past experiences. When hurt and […]


The Gift Inherent in Allowing

In the past, I always tended to be a control freak when it came to my life. I wanted to make sure that I had everything planned out to the nth degree, and just in case I had missed something, I’m sure I amused God with my passionate, heartfelt promises never to ask for anything again, if only this one thing could happen in my life. I thought that if I could get everything lined up… and I could convince God to side with me just this once… I would make things happen my way. Are you shaking your head at me? Are you chuckling at my naivete? As I look back on my life, I chuckle at me and realize that my report card for the subject of “Arranging My Life” would indicate a need for remedial help. As a teacher, I might even suggest that, as a student, […]


Delving Deeper into Forgiveness

Soaring high on a radiant crest of inner joy and well-being, Feeling exhilarating freedom as I open into my true identity…             … as a Child of God…                         … a perfect expression of His creative power and Love…                                     … and connected through Spirit to all of Creation… Wanting this ride to continue forever,             this wondrous height to carry me always, but I am dashed onto the unyielding rocks of my past,             and left splayed and raw and oozing…                         … pain I thought I had healed,                         … tears I thought I had shed,                         … anger I tried to ignore,                         … and judgement I tried to hide. What message can I find in this pain? What lesson is there in this experience for me to learn? I thought I had forgiven my ex-husband and his wife for the pain […]


Reflections on the Dawning of the New Year

  As I reflect on the year that is winding down to its final hours and contemplate the year that beckons with its clean slate, I am filled with gratitude for the inner growth I have made and anticipation for the lessons that await me. I am reminded that my life is a journey, and that this evening provides an opportunity to pause and to look back from this vantage point. It is a time to appreciate the winding and sometimes convoluted path I have traveled to get me to where I am right now. It is also a time to imagine where I want my life path to take me in the coming weeks and months. I hope that you will join me in your own celebration of how far you have traveled on your life path this year. Let us reflect on and give thanks for the following: the progress we have made […]


Forgiveness Is More Than a One-Shot Deal

How many times do we need to forgive before there are no more layers of hurt and betrayal to peel back? I can’t give you a definitive answer. It seems trite to say as many times as you need to forgive, but it is true. I have been working on forgiving those with whom I have experienced the greatest hurts for years now, and I’m still not there. I still haven’t reached a place where there is nothing left to forgive… where I can say with complete truth that I hold nothing but love in my heart for them. If I told you that all I ever feel is love when I think of these people, I would be lying to you and to myself. I can tell you that there are times when I genuinely feel compassion, understanding, and love for them, but then when I least expect it… more […]


Giving Ourselves Away for Love

How many of us have given ourselves away hoping to find love? We give our true selves away in different ways. Sometimes we pretend to be interested in what we believe is important to another person to try to initiate an interaction that will lead to connection and, hopefully, love.  Many times, we pretend to be someone we’re not to attract the attention and heart of another. We sublimate our authentic selves believing that an artificial version will be more attractive. We even give our bodies to another, hoping that love will be returned to us. I look back on the ways in which I gave myself away for love, not with judgment, but with compassion for that lost, insecure person. What I did was fueled by a deep desire to be loved. I believed that if someone loved me, I would be someone. I would be worthy. I believed that the experience I […]

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