The Personal Cost of Perpetual Distraction

Have you ever stopped to consider the cost of our willingness to be connected to the constant bombardment of information — important and trivial — in our world? Look around wherever you may be and observe our reliance on our devices — text messages, social media, YouTube, email. Have you ever questioned what this constant distraction and surface-level entertainment is costing you?

Learning to Be

I want to celebrate an important milestone on my inner journey with you. I am opening into just being, and it feels wonderful! I have always allowed myself to be ruled by a steady stream of “shoulds” and “have tos” in my mind, and at long last, I am able to release and allow myself to just be. I sensed that I needed to do this as summer holidays beckoned and colleagues talked about their summer plans. Whenever I was asked about my plans, my answer was always the same, “I want time to just be.” I hadn’t given my response a lot of thought; it just rose from within me. As it was expressed, I knew it was what I needed to do. And that is exactly what the first two weeks of my summer break have been all about. Extended periods of time along our walking paths every day have provided me […]

Weekend Rejuvenation

Are you feeling burned out from your work week and all of the demands placed on you? Do you feel like you need a way to restore yourself beyond a Saturday morning sleep-in and time to actually sit and drink your morning coffee? I have a no-cost suggestion for you that is certain to uplift and recharge you. Get outside. Find somewhere you can go that allows you to connect with nature — walking paths, hiking trails, a park, your backyard, any green space — so that you can feel the earth and the kiss of sunlight on your skin, and you can fill your lungs with fresh air. Move — stroll, power walk, jog, run, rollerblade, bike — move in a way that feels comfortable for you. It really doesn’t matter how you move; it just matters that you move your body in the fresh air and feel the […]

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