Weekend Rejuvenation

Are you feeling burned out from your work week and all of the demands placed on you? Do you feel like you need a way to restore yourself beyond a Saturday morning sleep-in and time to actually sit and drink your morning coffee? I have a no-cost suggestion for you that is certain to uplift and recharge you. Get outside. Find somewhere you can go that allows you to connect with nature — walking paths, hiking trails, a park, your backyard, any green space — so that you can feel the earth and the kiss of sunlight on your skin, and you can fill your lungs with fresh air. Move — stroll, power walk, jog, run, rollerblade, bike — move in a way that feels comfortable for you. It really doesn’t matter how you move; it just matters that you move your body in the fresh air and feel the […]


Finding Our Way to CHRISTmas

As we rush about in the mad scramble to get ready for Christmas, how many of us pause to think about what we are getting ready for? Is all the shopping, baking, wrapping, meal planning, party preparation, and more shopping what Christmas is all about? Does the true meaning of Christmas get lost in all the hustle and bustle? As we greet everyone we see with “Merry Christmas,” how many of us contemplate what we are really wishing for others? As we decorate our homes and yards with lights and sparkle, how many of us experience inner light and sparkle? How many of us truly feel the love and joy that this season is supposed to be all about? Instead, we feel pressure to prepare and to be ready to welcome the arrival of friends and family to celebrate this festive holiday. And what about those of us who are alone and who do not get to experience […]


Let Us Remember (including podcast)

  Today is Remembrance Day in Canada, and as we lay wreaths to honour and remember those who have given their lives in the pursuit of peace, let us also remember that these fallen men and women were our brothers and sisters. The men and women who continue to serve our countries in order that we may live in peace and freedom are also our brothers and sisters. They are our brothers and sisters within the human family… God’s family. These men and women dedicate their service and, all too often, their lives to help those whose freedom and safety are threatened and taken away in the perpetuation of power, hatred, and judgement. These heroic individuals dedicate themselves to help others who are also our brothers and sisters within God’s family. We all remember today because the symbols and messages of remembrance are everywhere. We talk about the values that we hold dearest […]


BE the Change

A gentle man who embodied strength of spirit and loving wisdom said that we must “be the change we wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi lived these words. His life stands as a testament to their simple, yet profound, truth. What does this famous quotation mean for each of us? How can our lives show that we understand the truth of Gandhi’s words? To be the change we wish to see in the world, we need to go further than wishful thinking. Identifying what needs changing in the world is not enough. We need to be the agents of change… each of us in our own way… in our own lives… with the people we interact with and the work that we do. We must go beyond wishing that things were different. We must each decide to be the living embodiment of the change that we wish to see […]


Hatred Will Never Bring Peace

We hate, and often, we don’t even question or understand why. Hatred is passed down from generation to generation. The facts that fueled the hatred are unquestionable. Yes, atrocities have been committed. Yes, people have misused power over other groups. Yes, lives have been lost, people have suffered, and hearts still cry out in pain because of loss and injustice. But, we will never achieve peace through hate. Peace will only be achieved through love. We must leave the past in the past and start anew with a conscious choice to join hands in love and brotherhood. Holding onto the past only perpetuates separation and division. We pass our hatreds and prejudices to our children, and these negative forces continue to motivate attack and conflict throughout the world. We cannot focus on the wrongs of the past in order to move forward as a global community. The only way forward is through forgiveness. We must forgive the past […]

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