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Letting Go and Flying Free

How can they talk and laugh with him?           He cheated on me! How can he not be judged?           He was unfaithful to me! How can he carry on as if nothing happened?           He destroyed my life! Why do people not look at me? Why do they avoid me?           I am the one who hurts.           I am the victim here. Shouldn’t everyone feel sorry for me?   Is there someone who has hurt you, for whom you feel lingering resentment, hatred, even thoughts of revenge? Have you been hurt by someone in your past and you cannot let it go? Do you blame someone else for your problems? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you are not alone. Far from it… […]


Discovering the Love of My Life

Please love me…           I need you… Don’t you see that I love you?           Maybe if I love you more… Maybe I’m not enough…           No, I just have to love you more. Do you think of one special person when you think of the love of your life? Do you imagine what life would be like if only you could find the love of your life? Do you dream of the life you would share, the incredible love you would experience? Do you think that you would be complete if you could just find that special love? You can have that dream because you have the love of your life with you right now… the love of your life is YOU. If you just thought, “Yeah, right,” you are not alone in thinking that. A few […]



…the process of finding and stepping into the fullness and beauty of who you are. “Metamorphose” symbolizes the continuing actions, choices, reflections, and realizations that propel us forward on our life journeys. Finding ourselves isn’t one act or event. It is truly a journey — a continuing series of steps forward… and backward… but always with the intent of illuminating our beautiful inner essence. We don’t always recognize that we are more than our confused, insecure selves; at times, we actively fight against it. But our pure divine essence is there… covered by the muck of our struggles, fears, and beliefs…waiting to be found and embraced. As I look back at my life, I marvel at how seemingly unrelated events and choices… and even all the heartbreaks and dead ends…have all intertwined to create my life. Every single experience in my life has woven itself into the fabric of my […]

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