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Depression or Suppressed Emotional Pain?

Have you been diagnosed with depression like I was? Were you prescribed anti-depressants as the “fix”? Like me, have you struggled with trying to get off these toxic, dependency-causing drugs? If so, we need to talk… right here… right now. As I am coming out the other side of the final withdrawal and detoxing, I have had some pretty profound realizations that I want to share with you…. no… need to share with you.


Finding a High When You’re Feeling Low

Happiness is a choice… a very conscious choice that we are challenged to make each and every day. Because it is a choice, happiness is an inside job. It isn’t up to anyone else but us. Happiness comes from within us and reflects the way in which we are choosing to see ourselves, our circumstances, and the world. I try to live my life knowing that my happiness is my choice… but there are still times when I stumble and find myself feeling low. I know you do, too. It is part of being human. We all know that gray, despondent feeling when we feel alone and vulnerable, and it seems that nothing is going right in our world. It’s easy to sink into that feeling and succumb to feeling sorry for ourselves. But we also know that easy as it is to fall, it definitely does not feel good to stay too […]

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