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Delving Deeper into Forgiveness

Soaring high on a radiant crest of inner joy and well-being, Feeling exhilarating freedom as I open into my true identity…             … as a Child of God…                         … a perfect expression of His creative power and Love…                                     … and connected through Spirit to all of Creation… Wanting this ride to continue forever,             this wondrous height to carry me always, but I am dashed onto the unyielding rocks of my past,             and left splayed and raw and oozing…                         … pain I thought I had healed,                         … tears I thought I had shed,                         … anger I tried to ignore,                         … and judgement I tried to hide. What message can I find in this pain? What lesson is there in this experience for me to learn? I thought I had forgiven my ex-husband and his wife for the pain […]


You Have Power Over Your Thoughts

A line in Lesson 44 of A Course in Miracles struck a deep chord within me this week: “Your thoughts cannot hold you to the world unless you give them the power to do so.” Left unchecked, our ego minds play endless tapes of criticism and judgment. How often do our unconscious thoughts assign blame and try to make someone else the “bad guy”? How frequently do we look for what’s wrong with others? This stream of blame, criticism, and judgment reflects our ego’s insatiable need to build up its shaky sense of self. We have to remember that all judgement is part of the ego’s world. The ego mind uses judgment to create separation between itself and others. It casts blame with the insane belief that it has to attack first to ensure its survival. The ego mind recognizes only other egos, and being like itself, the ego mind believes that if it doesn’t attack first, other egos will […]

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