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What You Seek You Will Find

What is your perception of the people you come in contact with throughout your day? How do you experience the world in which you live? What you see and experience has a direct connection to what you look for. If you want to find evidence of what is ugly and frightening in the world, you will find it and its existence will affirm what you want to find. You will feel justified in thinking that there is no hope and that there is evil in the world. You will experience fear and seek to protect yourself from what you believe might attack you. All you have to do is watch the news, and as you are bombarded with story after story of conflict and problems, you begin to see a world gone insane with no hope for a positive future. And then fear sets in and makes you feel vulnerable […]


Do You Choose Love or Fear?

We have all been hurt. The question is: what do we do with that hurt? Do we close down and erect walls around ourselves? Do we keep our guard up so that people can’t get close to us? Do we shut down so that we don’t get hurt again? Perhaps. When we are hurting, it is natural to withdraw and erect inner barriers to defend against future hurt. But another question arises: can you live fully with a closed heart? I have asked myself that very question. After my divorce, it took me a long time to open up to the possibility of a new relationship. When I did… and it ended… I experienced hurt again. I was tempted to withdraw and keep myself safe, but I realized that I had a choice. I could shut down inside so that no one could hurt me again, or I could stay […]

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