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Shedding the Need to be a Caregiver and a Fixer

Have you spent your life putting everyone else’s needs before your own? Have you struggled with the idea of putting yourself first? Have you believed that if you love and give of yourself enough, you can heal or fix someone else? Then you and I have shared a similar journey — to learn to overcome the need to “give of ourselves to others” and to learn to look after ourselves. When I look back, I can attribute some of my need to give, “do for”, fix, heal, and “make better” to the generation in which I was born. I am part of the cohort that transitioned from growing up with traditional female role models to forging our own way as independent women. Our mothers and grandmothers devoted their lives to their families. They modelled selfless giving and self-sacrifice as they cared for their families and put their needs first. I realize that part of my […]


Letting Go and Flying Free

How can they talk and laugh with him?           He cheated on me! How can he not be judged?           He was unfaithful to me! How can he carry on as if nothing happened?           He destroyed my life! Why do people not look at me? Why do they avoid me?           I am the one who hurts.           I am the victim here. Shouldn’t everyone feel sorry for me?   Is there someone who has hurt you, for whom you feel lingering resentment, hatred, even thoughts of revenge? Have you been hurt by someone in your past and you cannot let it go? Do you blame someone else for your problems? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you are not alone. Far from it… […]

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