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Connecting Deeply with Another

Do you get frustrated with the superficial level of communication that often prevails in society? Do you dream of experiencing deep connections with other people? Look no further than recognizing who you are… and who everyone else is. Think about what can transpire when two people truly see who the other is… when they see each other spirit to spirit… and allow their energies and minds to join. I can tell you from experience. You create a space that is greater than the two of you — a space in which you share deeply and wisdom comes forth that speaks of knowing beyond what you can know at a physical level. This wisdom comes from your spiritual beings. We are not separate from one another. There is no boundary between your spiritual energy and mine. We are all connected as spiritual beings. It is only when we identify ourselves as bodies […]


Who are you… really?

If I ask you this question, would you tell me your name? What if I asked you, “Who are you beyond your name?” Would you tell me what you do for a living? Who are you beyond your job title? Would you tell me that you are a female/male, father/mother/sister/brother, daughter/son, aunt/uncle, cousin, grandparent, friend, colleague? I want you to dig deeper. Who are you beneath labels? Would you respond that you are a person? Who are you as a person? Think more deeply. Who are YOU? You know what you see when you look in the mirror, but you are much more than a body. Wouldn’t you agree? Would you tell me that you are a personality with your own unique characteristics and traits? Would you say that you are a mind because you think your own thoughts? You are getting closer, but you are much more than that. […]



…the process of finding and stepping into the fullness and beauty of who you are. “Metamorphose” symbolizes the continuing actions, choices, reflections, and realizations that propel us forward on our life journeys. Finding ourselves isn’t one act or event. It is truly a journey — a continuing series of steps forward… and backward… but always with the intent of illuminating our beautiful inner essence. We don’t always recognize that we are more than our confused, insecure selves; at times, we actively fight against it. But our pure divine essence is there… covered by the muck of our struggles, fears, and beliefs…waiting to be found and embraced. As I look back at my life, I marvel at how seemingly unrelated events and choices… and even all the heartbreaks and dead ends…have all intertwined to create my life. Every single experience in my life has woven itself into the fabric of my […]

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