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What Are You Being Called to Do?

Do you feel an inner restlessness that keeps calling you to pay attention? Do you sense that there is more that you are meant to be doing? Do you receive inner “nudges” that you acknowledge but aren’t sure what to do with? If so, have you considered that there is a higher purpose waiting to be expressed through you?


Love Isn’t a Feeling

On this beautiful Sunday morning, I savour the brilliant green of newly opened leaves. I breathe in the heady perfume of the lilac blossoms and smile at the sweetness of the birdsong. I thrill at the warmth of the sun’s kiss on my skin. Witnessing the beauty of God’s creation that surrounds me, I am moved to write about love. I have come to understand that love is not a word or a feeling. It is a way of being… it is being an expression of God. Love is living from a holy space within each of us — a space through which God’s eternal love is experienced and expressed in this world. Love is opening ourselves up to what is always here for us — even when we lose our way and feel completely lost and alone — and that is God’s Love. When we recognize who we are as God’s children […]


When Our Children Leave Home

Where they were…           is only silence and empty space. My life’s focus is gone; Years of giving myself heart and soul… complete. This home,            once vibrant with the energy of their existence…                     rings quiet… And my heart cries out with missing them. I thought I was ready — I even looked forward to the time I would have…            and now that it’s here, all I want to do is go back. I wander through my memories,            pausing here and there to hold them close, to picture them as they were                     when they were mine; But they are no longer mine…           They never were. They came to this world through me,           but they are not mine. They experienced this world through my existence,     […]

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