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All That You Seek Is Within You

It seems to me that everyone is searching… for  the perfect job, the perfect partner, the perfect home, the perfect look, the perfect vehicle, the perfect holiday, the perfect deal.. and the list goes on. One only needs to take note of people’s actions and comments over a short period of time to observe this endless quest. Just stand back and observe people in a shopping mall. Listen to people’s conversations over a meal or at coffee. Watch the media messages that bombard us every day. The underlying belief is that these external markers of success will make us happy. Hmmmm… questionable logic seems to be at work here. “When I have/get [insert wish here], I will be happy.” When did having or getting anything ever result in lasting happiness? Might you experience happiness in the attainment of something? Of course. You might experience excitement, a surge of joy, delight, or even a […]


Discovering the Love of My Life

Please love me…           I need you… Don’t you see that I love you?           Maybe if I love you more… Maybe I’m not enough…           No, I just have to love you more. Do you think of one special person when you think of the love of your life? Do you imagine what life would be like if only you could find the love of your life? Do you dream of the life you would share, the incredible love you would experience? Do you think that you would be complete if you could just find that special love? You can have that dream because you have the love of your life with you right now… the love of your life is YOU. If you just thought, “Yeah, right,” you are not alone in thinking that. A few […]

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