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My Call to Release My Inner Critic

Are you hard on yourself? Are you your own worst critic? I certainly have been my whole life, and it seems that my body is sending me a strong message that constant self-criticism has not only been hard on my self-esteem; it has taken a toll on my physical health.

New Year’s Resolutions with a Twist

I would like to propose a new kind of resolution as we begin the new year — resolutions that have none of the guilt that most of our pledges arise from after the weeks of excess during the holiday season. We feel guilty about all the rich food that we have eaten, our lack of exercise and physical activity, all the liquid Christmas cheer that we have imbibed, and all the money that we have spent. Our guilt inspires impassioned vows to exercise regularly, to eat a healthy diet, to detox our bodies, to live within a budget, to pay off our credit cards… to make any number of surface changes that we hope will make us feel better about ourselves.

What Happens When We Go Off the Rails?

This question came up in discussion with a dear friend yesterday. We were talking about the issues that still trip us up and cause us to derail from our journey toward truly knowing our own worth and living each moment from that inner knowing. We easily recalled times when we “owned” our worth and allowed the light of our own brilliance to flow. Why couldn’t we maintain that momentum? What happened to cause us to go off the rails and get mired down in old fears and doubts again?

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