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Great Big Love with a Capital L

Love is all there is. Love is all that sustains. Love is all that endures. Nothing, absolutely nothing, of this world lasts. In this time-bound world, everything is susceptible to decay and death. But there is one thing that endures and is always here for us, and that is Love. This Love with a capital L is love far beyond the word that is tossed around with such careless abandon to express what we are drawn to in the material world. How often do we hear, “Oh, I just love that outfit/photo/car/—-!” This Love also goes beyond the expression of emotional attachment between two individuals when they fall in “love.” It even goes beyond the love of a parent for a child. In the human experience, love is often limited, conditional, and finite. Love can be withdrawn. Love can even end in this physical existence. This is not great big […]


What You Seek You Will Find

What is your perception of the people you come in contact with throughout your day? How do you experience the world in which you live? What you see and experience has a direct connection to what you look for. If you want to find evidence of what is ugly and frightening in the world, you will find it and its existence will affirm what you want to find. You will feel justified in thinking that there is no hope and that there is evil in the world. You will experience fear and seek to protect yourself from what you believe might attack you. All you have to do is watch the news, and as you are bombarded with story after story of conflict and problems, you begin to see a world gone insane with no hope for a positive future. And then fear sets in and makes you feel vulnerable […]


Stand Strong in Your Own Worth

Have you been like me and looked to find your worth reflected back from others? Have you sought approval in the words and actions of others? Have you tried to be what you thought others wanted, believing that your worth was found in what others think of you? It’s a tough place to be, isn’t it, because what you sense from others really has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with them and what is going on in their lives, how they are feeling, what they are preoccupied with, and a host of other variables, none of which has anything to do with you. Trying to feel good about yourself based on how others respond to you is like trying to keep your footing in shifting sand. If you want to see your worth reflected back at you, look in the mirror and own who you […]


Never Alone

Do you ever feel alone? Do you sometimes feel like it’s you against the world? I want to share something that I have realized —  I can choose to feel lonely, but I am never alone. If I feel alone, it is because I choose to ignore who I really am. When we see ourselves as separate and alone, we are forgetting who we really are. We are seeing ourselves as physical beings… as bodies. It seems logical. My physical body is separate from your physical body; therefore, the “I” that I am must be separate from the “you” that you are. If I am separate from you, I am separate from everyone, and that means that I am on my own in this world… as are you… and everyone else. I don’t know about you, but that can be an overwhelming thought… … until I remember who I really […]


Connecting Deeply with Another

Do you get frustrated with the superficial level of communication that often prevails in society? Do you dream of experiencing deep connections with other people? Look no further than recognizing who you are… and who everyone else is. Think about what can transpire when two people truly see who the other is… when they see each other spirit to spirit… and allow their energies and minds to join. I can tell you from experience. You create a space that is greater than the two of you — a space in which you share deeply and wisdom comes forth that speaks of knowing beyond what you can know at a physical level. This wisdom comes from your spiritual beings. We are not separate from one another. There is no boundary between your spiritual energy and mine. We are all connected as spiritual beings. It is only when we identify ourselves as bodies […]

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