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Unconditional Love and Forgiveness

I often use stream-of-consciousness writing to find illumination when I am experiencing internal struggle. I want to share the wisdom that came through in my writing today.

Dear Beloved, talk to me about unconditional love and forgiveness.

We Can Choose to Feel Lonely, But We Are Never Alone

Perhaps you think I am playing with words or trying to be clever. I can assure you that I am not. I know what it is to feel lonely. I know how easy it is to believe that I am alone and that no one cares — that it is just me against the world. I know how quickly I can allow myself to have a full-out pity party of one. All this can happen in the blink of an eye when I buy into the story that my ego wants me to believe — that I am separate from everyone else and that I am on my own in this world.


Say No to Gossip… But Forgive Yourself When You Fall Back into the Trap

Have you realized the destructive power and negative energy that is created by gossip? Have you recognized what gossiping does, not only to the target of gossip, but to the perpetrators? Have you vowed that you wouldn’t gossip anymore because you want to create positive energy in your life and live according to higher principles of love and integrity? Sounds fine in theory, doesn’t it. I made a conscious choice several years ago that I would not gossip or participate in gossip by listening to it. I had it all planned out. I would avoid situations in which gossip frequently became the main topic of conversation. If someone approached me with a burning desire to tell all about what so-and-so was doing or what was happening to so-and-so, I would either excuse myself or steer the conversation in a more positive direction. After having lived in a glass house during my husband’s […]

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